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FACEBOOK: Anti-society Social Network.

September 17, 2011
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Facebook is a SOCIAL NETWORK or is it?

The sheer need of creating the social networking sites like Facebook and Google Plus brings home the uncertainity of relationships that seem to fail the test of time and distance!

I communicate some important pieces of information and questions (along with showing frustration or conveying that tongue-in-cheek remark I left sitting on the tip) with my HUSBAND over Facebook lest they go down the ladder of priority during whatever limited audience he deems fit to provide me with.

And we are not even distant. Or should I revise that statement? I shall ask my FRIENDS, may be! Well, I am sure many of you share my involuntary yet effective means of modern communication….not withstanding the proof of the written word that’s left hanging in the web somewhere for future reference. Unsaid words are afterall archived in the realms of human memory, to be later confronted by your counterpart as “Never said..”.

I am labelled as an introvert. I make few bust fast friends.

With facebook, atleast I am in touch with them all to the extent that I have lost all TOUCH in the literal sense of the word. BUT, I am up-to-date with what’s happening in their lives!!! And the next time we meet, without any catching up to’s boring, decidedly unnecessary and lacks all the warmth and charm of meeting an old bosom friend! Thus, no more such disinterested get-togethers are scheduled during the future visits to resident towns.


My friends have become just a NUMBER on my ACCOUNT.

Thanks to FACEBOOK I have a healthy Account Balance at all times. And I am willingly paying the TAX to the society…REAL FRIEND TAX!

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