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Designer Dry-fruit & Chocolate Gift Packaging in Kolkata

September 21, 2011

During Diwali and Puja exchanging gifts and chocolates or traditional almonds is an age-old custom. But the way it is presented matters. Presentation need not be outdated too! FRESCOES at Navayug Creations fills in the need of the hour with their bespoke contemporary designer packaging that adds glamour and style to the gift or food inside.

Theme Gift Box for Diwali in Kolkata

Laser cut designer packaging for corporate gifting

Till now Delhi wholesale-wallas of Chandni Chowk area have been dominating the Kolkata/ Calcutta market of such boxes which are much to the distaste of the formal and sophisticated corporate companies and mercantile sections of the society. This sector is catered to by un-organised un-professional individuals who lack the basic understanding of the need of such reputed multinational international organisations. Their design sensibilities rather aggravate the cause and do nothing but harm the social image of these corporations hindering in the process their personal, professional and media relations.

Invitations for Indian Weddings


NAVAYUG comes in the wake of the time to rescue the High Profile Blue-Chip companies from the dilemma of Brand building through distribution of gifts in their business circles, acquaintances, consumers, employees or vendors and distributors. With a 10-year experience catering to Corporate Gifts & accessories and hence the in-depth knowledge of the hi-end requirements of such businesses and commercial houses, Navayug has launched their latest offering. Beautiful Fancy Boxes and tray packaging for Diwali for the upcoming festive season is within reach now!

The classic and timeless designs of Frescoes boast originality, tradition and finery in each of their elements. Make a style statement with their strikingly different yet refreshingly beautiful packaging for the most delicious gourmet chocolates carved with exquisite select ingredients. If your heart desires to present to your associates with traditional dry-fruit like almonds, cashews, pistachios and raisins, do not look far! Beautifully crafted packaging enhances manifold the taste of the delicacies. Intricately designed LASER-CUT boxes, crafted skillfully, make your gift stand out of the clutter that Diwali brings.

At Navayug, they strive to make sure every customer is satisfied with their purchase and experience overall.


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