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Marwari- As the world knows

September 25, 2011
rare spiritual royal

Marwari Horse- tradition and custom of Rajasthan

 More than the people, the horse is famous!

For so long, Marwaris of Rajasthan have emigrated to varoius parts of India and the world to try their luck with their business acumen.

This MARWARI has only recently gone to Europe and America. In 2000, the first Marwari horse was exported to the United States, and the first Marwari went to Europe in 2006.

Like the traditions of the Marwari community that are well preserved over the centuries, this royal breed of horse has been painstakingly taken care of within the harsh climatic conditions of the mythical Marwar– literally meaning the region of death.

Spiritual horse- Marwari

The famous inward-pointing ears of this horse seem to have a crucial spiritual significance. Instead of being bahirmukhi: that is extrovert, MARWARI  is antarmukhi: that is introvert and appears to be in the trance of meditation.

During a Marwari marriage, the bride groom rides the horse to visit the wedding venue that is first worshipped and fed too in an auspicious ceremony called GHUDCHADI.


hindu wedding invitation cards

wedding ritual- ghudchadi


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