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Last-minute deal for Diwali gifts at Kolkata

September 30, 2011
Dry-fruits for Diwali celebrations in Kolkata

Enlightened Diwali customer

People mostly order their Diwali gifts, be it dry-fruits or Chocolates after the festivities of Durga Puja start to subside and the idea of Goddess Lakshmi almost on the doorstep of their lives, begins to dawn with the advent of this biggest Hindu festival.

Most of  the Marwaris of Kolkata have inhibitions in buying anything related to the rituals and ceremonies during the period of the PITRU-PAKSH or Shradh as is commonly known. Even personal use items like new clothes, gadgets, cars, mobile phones, T.V. or home decor stuff like new curtains, cushions, bed spreads, utensils are discouraged being bought during these inauspicious times.


Going with the mood of the masses and the trend of the place, even the business corporations and MNCs tend to follow the same practice and begin their purchases after the Puja. Shying away from the usual planning that goes into every aspect of an organization, such rush-hour decisions often are haphazard and dear!


The most often ignored fact about the unorganized market of dry-fruits like almonds (badam), cashew nuts (kaju), pistachios (pista), walnuts (akhrot), raisins (kishmish) in India is seldom highlighted by the indigenious vendors and stockists of such exotic edibles, adding much to their own profitability. It is deliberately left unmentioned and unsaid during marketing conversations and placement of orders by the buyers. This habit of procrastination regarding festive purchases is profited upon.

Well the crux of the matter is that

The prices of Dry-fruits in India rise by a sizable percentage just after the NAVRATRI or the DURGA PUJA!

Every year the DIWALI shoppers find themselves or rather never find out that they are burning a hole in their pockets without the help of  fire-crackers. Simple laws of demand and supply of economy apply here. A few enlightened customers avoid the high priced Diwali Bazaar and the last-minute increase in the cost of these essential item in the Diwali shopping list of most of the families, businesses and corporates alike!

Quality Issues about Dry- fruits and Chocolates during the Diwali month!

Wish for the best quality gifts for your near and dear ones? You are compromising on it with those last-minute purchases. These eatables are either stored or prepared in such a panic to meet the deadline that their quality is often compromised  unconsciously even  by the most sincere of manufacturers.  So you are

  • Paying more
  • Getting lower quality products
  • Paying no attention to the packaging

Well, talking about the packaging or packing, people seldom think about it and do not look for the best available


Do try to choose a vendor who can not only provide you with quality products but also a pocket-friendly attractive concept for packing your gift in! Traditional, modern or contemporary go for packaging that most suits your budget as well as your social status. Anything lesser and even the best materials inside seem old or stale and cheap. The box or the tray need not be expensive. It should only spell CLASS and have a recall value. Be flexible and do try new and innovative service providers and manufacturers to outshine all the stacks of gifts that Diwali brings.

For chocolates, the same advice holds truth. Do remember in between Pandal-hopping and paying your obeisance to the goddess about your social obligations and contact a dealer today! Gift in Style. Shop early and be ahead of the Diwali crowd!

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