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Kolkata Shopping: Frescoes Launches Exotic Chocolates for Diwali New Year 2013

October 1, 2011
Box packaging for chocolates in Kolkata to indulge your sweet tooth

Diwali is the time to thank your well-wishers with sweets

CHOCOLATES to suit Taste-buds and Wallet of KOLKATA

On the occasion of Dussehra festival, FRESCOES, an invitation design studio, has launched exotic gourmet Chocolatesfor its customers in Calcutta. Those intending to gift luxury finest quality center-filled chocolates during Navaratri orDiwali can buy a delicious range with stylish packaging.

In Honour of the 5 Senses

You have experienced the nouveau Wedding Invitation Cards by Frescoes that were a visual treat, now is the turn to treat and tantalize your sense of taste combined with the smooth texture of cacao for touch…the aromatic fillings that satisfy and pacify the cravings for ethereal smells. The small beautiful packaging concepts are pleasure to open after you have appreciated their simple attractive designs. The occasional CRUNCH of the perfectly roasted nuts is plain music to the ears!

Exotic chocolate flavours like Bitter Almond, mint truffle, OMG orange, Sinful Strawberry, Rave Raspberry, Dark Dreams, My Mint, Roast Rocks, Hot Hazelnut, Coat of Caramel, Biscuit Bites, Cafe Coffee and much more prepared with chef recipes to relish each day of the week.

chocolates Kolkata home-made dealer chef recipe

Fresh CHOCOLATES for Calcutta to Gift

FRESCOES not only provide you with quality products but also a pocket-friendly attractive concept for packing your gift in! Traditional, modern or contemporary go for packaging that most suits your budget as well as your social status. Anything lesser and even the best materials inside seem old or stale and cheap. The box or the tray need not be expensive. It should only spell CLASS and have a recall value. Be flexible and do try new and innovative flavours and designs to outshine all the stacks of gifts that Diwali brings.

For mold ed chocolates, rush and settle for the very best at the best rates! Do remember in between Pandal-hopping and paying your obeisance to the goddess about your social obligations and contact today! Gift in Style. Shop early and be ahead of the Diwali crowd! Check out their FACEBOOK page here. And the BLOG here

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