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October 5, 2011



Kolkata Fashion Week of puja and new designer clothes

Gamchha collection second only after BIBI Russell

A very innovative application of the most basic hand woven textile ‘gamcha‘.

The combination of the natural fiber cotton and the man-made designs, patterns and colours that aptly represent West BEngal as well as Bangladesh.

This pandal not only sticks to the nature but also provides employment to the weavers of this textile at the village level.

wedding card fashion kolkata

Bibi Russell Show



As Bibi Russell pushed this garment to the fashion industry of India with her debut FASHION WEEK in Kolkata in 2009, so does this artistic vision of an abode to the Goddess. Even the figurines of Gods and animals in the scenery on the walls of the pandal are gamchha clad. Choosing the wide palette of colors that this textile provides, the tone of the day is set with these earthy shades.


Not only as towels but also Scarves,  stole, dupattas, dhoti, saree, Kurta has this weave been made popular with. It may not find its way in the wedding bridal collection of wardrobe of many a Indian brides and grooms yet. But it has many takers….even the GODDESS has given her stamp of approval for the garment this year.

Designer Cotton textile kolkata

Designer basics!


Kolkata FAshion Week

The wow factor!

Throws blankets and bedspreads the Indian tradition.

woven in the Design culture of India


Let us stick to the basics and say YES to the fabric of the day.


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