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Printable Solution to keep account of the wedding festivities and rituals

October 11, 2011
Hindu wedding mandap

A wedding mandap by event planners!

Hubpage for the perfect wedding to-do list for an Indian wedding!

Extensive list and useful information on the link below!
The Uncountable Ceremonies of an Indian Hindu Wedding
This is your best friend! After all a friend in need is a friend indeed!

Hindu shaadi ki har ek ke liye yeh zaroori soochna hai.

Click the image below for the whole album! Download and print!

shadi ke karyakram or nek-chaar

A wedding essential list!

An excerpt from the article :

There are hundreds of small to big pujas to be performed. Milni, Bhaat, Roka, Byah haath, phera, Tilak, Godh, Mudda, Ghudchadi, shaadi ke card Invitation cards that is, chikni kothli, haldath, tel-baan, kajal ghalai, mithai, daat, karva, korath, baraat, dhukav, varmala, lagan mandap, sajan goth, vidai, sirguthi, jua, Devi devtaon ki Dhokh, Pith-mora are a few ceremonies to name from the endless list that varies according to the Bridal side or the Groom’s side…Var paksha or Kanya Paksh.

To keep a track of those is like counting the endless stars in the milky way.

Now you can download the list……….more


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