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Swagat Samaroh- the PanParag Style

October 13, 2011

Baraatiyon  ka swagat PAN_PARAG se kijiyega!

This ad has stayed in the minds of Indians and the above tagline is still talked about in circles- no connection to Google + circles here- of age group 30+ Youngsters and elders alike. Charisma of Shammi Kapoor definitely did the trick to entice the viewers into miming the words millions of times.

The main Emotion at play in the advert is the simple social message that it beautifully conveys and thus connects the hearts and minds across castes and creed.

What is this message?

It’s the social stigma attached to the Indian Hindu Weddings. The GUESTS who come along with the Bridegroom or the Baraat at the Wedding Reception Party are the ones to be pleased and well taken care of. This is the priority. Two reasons- for one the Indian psyche is conditioned to consider the Guests as equal to none but GOD. ATITHI DEVO BHAVA! Slightest of disapproval from any of the family members of the groom regarding the arrangements of accommodation, food, decor can doom a party as far as the Bride’s parents are concerned. Not just the things that matter but every minute detail becomes a prestige issue.

Dance songs and music at a baraat-marriage procession


Secondly, the Dowry factor much prevalent at the time of broadcast of this ad in the Hindu society constantly in News and uppermost in the ‘List of Tensions’ of the  Bride’s parents and the bride as well, is subtly disregarded in this ad film ironically by mentioning it at the same time.

Ghabraiye nahin, hume kuch nahin chahiye!

The simple sachet of a Gutkha is enough to welcome the demands of the guests according to this ad. The Groom’s parents are friendly and want nothing……..just the thing the  doctor prescribed to improve the mood of the girl’s household.

Bride's trousseau worry!


So the gist of the matter is

Khatir-daari mein zaroori, iske bina mehfil adhoori!

The GUESTS win the Big-Day!

Enjoy the Wedding! 🙂


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