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How to give Indian touch to Continental food to be served this Diwali?

October 22, 2011
Gulab Jamun

Toot pado!

But why do you need to do that..b’cos you are serving exotic food on the Indian festival!

Why would you do that?


Short of ideas for the super-hit menu…

Let’s discuss some dishes..starting with the sweets…

Hot Gulab Jamuns…keep the dry-variety at bay!

Jalebi…no no…not with kulfi dreaded combo!

Bundia with Bhujia ofcourse

Dal ka Halwa…smooth doesn’t taste as good as a bit grainy!

Kulfi..Kesar pista everGREEN!

mouth watering…hope thinking of sweets don’t increase your weight

CAKE OR BROWNIES anyone??? NAY!!! bakes and cakes!

Bokeh of Jamuns!


Time to Indulge


Jalebi jaisa seedha!



Delhi ki Ramlila...aur KULFI


First I would like to eat …And Serve ofcourse..


kalmi vada

Spinach pakodas with green chutney

Hara Kabab

Dal ke vade….VArdaan Market ke jaise…sigh!


Chhounk laga ke!

Kalmi Vade!

Let’s clear one thing NO ONION NO GARLIC

Wedding invitations

Mirch Masala

That covers up the soups and starters…yum without Crispy Chilli Babycorns!….No Feng Shui…just Vastu!

Ideas for the main course…anyone??

post some here!

see you soon!

Enjoy your meal…


ek aur...chalega!








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