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Wedding Invitation Card

October 24, 2011
Modern traditional colourful wedding card

Designer Wedding Invitation

Just a rough design I was playing with.

Would love to do something like this in actual print. Let me know if  you like the colours and composition.

I love the way the designs blend with the earthy background of this contemporary wedding card with traditional touches of Indian handicraft and religious symbol of Ganesha.

Festive colors do look good during festivities and become perfect fashion choice in almost anything from bridal dresses to home decor, wedding invites and stationery to gift boxes, even the chandelier ear rings, jewellery and bridal make-up.

Haldi peela-totally Indian

Yellow in Food!

yellow desire!

phir be dil hai hindustani

Orange yellow, red, infra-red rays and sky

This colour takes me HOME!

stone-studded handicraft

India and Chakra!

Colors of India

Rajasthan ke Rang

Jogi tere pyar mein!

Rang De Basanti

Give me Red

Yeh lal rang ...

kitschy india decor

80 kali ka Ghagra

Natural texture wall paper

Ek purani Deewar or Taar

Auroville Warm place to stay

ek aashiyana.....

gende ke phool


back to yellow!


An array of Indian yellows, oranges ad reds……peela, narangi, lal…..kesariya, basanti, sindoori…..I love my INDIA!

That design would work wonders!!

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