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Where do I go for High-End Luxury Wedding Invitation Cards in India?

November 6, 2011

A general dilemma faced by many upscale well-to-do Indians who want superior quality, exotic wedding stationery suite that spells class and sophistication.

The big question is WHERE?

Where can the distinct Indian Wedding Shoppers with a refined taste for restraint elegance hope to meet their expectation of creating a  graceful impression and charm their dignified guests with the very first and the only personal correspondence, the Wedding Invite.

Theme Boxed-Invitation for Indian Wedding

Laser cut designer packaging for High end wedding invitation Cards

Luxury Frescoes Wedding Invitation Cards

The understated style of FRESCOES is compelling yet simple. Traditional yet unorthodox. Posh yet moderate!

The Invitation Design Studio, Frescoes is a conception of the very basic need of capturing the life’s most beautiful occasions, celebrated such soulfully throughout the sentimental Indian cultures, in an equally lively fashion.

Frescoes itself is a marriage of Art and Soul.

There’s abundance of art around every colourful Indian that’s appreciated on rare meditative moments. Their simplicity is authentic to the point of anti-narcissism.

Think about the deepest joy you experience in life—it doesn’t typically come from thinking about how great you are. Instead, it comes from connecting with the world and getting away from yourself, as when you enjoy time with friends, family, and children, are engaged at work, or do all-absorbing tasks such as art, writing, crafts, athletics, or helping others.

Indians love social life and for that matter LIFE! This passion for LIFE is a form of Art they’ve excelled unawares. Yet, it’s there. Very much there. Like the SOUL, ART is!

Such passionate soulful work of art is identified as FRESCOES.

At this studio, the style quotient of each beautiful wedding is perfectly synchronized  with the respective families, the bride and the bridegroom. The artistic and cultural norm of The Wedding Invitation Card is here to change with the enlightened creations by the designer duo of Frescoes.

The design sensibility of the discerning client is literally put to the best quality paper stock that makes all the difference. Papers, Colours, Designs, Layout, Invitation matter, Fonts, Add-ons, Envelope, Address labels are individually dealt with and coordinated and finally printed with the latest available press technology by the expert craftsmen. Screen Printing, Foil Stamping, Die- Cutting, Digital Offset, UV, Laser-engraving, Embossing are some of the methods integrated to create that visual artistic beauty.

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