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Music for Indian Theme Party

November 8, 2011

It’s a party at home! Get together! Lost what music to play for friends?

IT’S GOOD TO BE PRE-LOADED WITH GOOD MUSIC than to be labelled a boring host by your guests.

Here are two instrumental tracks for lifting the mood of a party.

Is it Shehnai mix: Whatever it is, seems perfect for music in the background for a theme party based on India!

This is another BOLLYWOOD EDIT… kinda mysterious!

Found these very sophisticated blends for a not-so-informal party. Hope you like the music enough to share at your upcoming party! New Year 2012 is around the corner too! Have fun!

As a add-on here’s some table decor to perfect that cosy Indian feel!

exotic colours make India

Silks are the best table decor idea!

Wedding decor

This is for a more Formal party


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