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Wedding Card Designers in Kolkata

December 14, 2011


Wedding Card Dealers in Kolkata

Kolkata is full of great designers and suppliers of wedding invitations. These businesses will help you find the invitation best suited for you. Not all invitations are traditional anymore and your search for them doesn’t have to be either. This Kolkata Wedding invitation Card designer breaks the mold when it comes to announcing your big day. You’ll find the best designs for a wide range of personalities, so you can invite your friends and family with style.

Frescoes works closely with you to craft original designs. From paper to packaging, FRESCOES custom detailing will create a buzz for you and your celebration and will make a lasting impression.

It’s your Shaadi or marriage and you want your friends to know how special it is, and how special they are to you. You want an invitation or announcement that speaks to your individuality, a design that is unique and creates a buzz for you and your celebration.

indian wedding cards design

Designer Couture Invitations for weddings

FRESCOES is an invitation design company that works closely with you to create original designs that will make a lasting impression. Each design is handcrafted, with custom detailing that guarantees your invitation or announcement is truly one-of-a-kind.

From the paper to the packaging, a FRESCOES design isn’t just an invitation, it’s an experience.

Your invitations will be the first thing that your guests will experience for your wedding. It’s the announcement of the event to come and will inform guests of what kind of wedding you are having. On one of the most important days of your lives, why be ordinary?

FRESCOES offers a contemporary and classy twist on your traditional Wedding Cards and invitations by using colours and beautiful motifs. Textured card stocks paired with clean design, these invitations have been described as beautiful, breathtaking, and indescribable. They offer flexibility and great service along with reasonable prices. Customize the styles with your motifs and colors that match your big fat Indian wedding.


Express your personality with Wedding Invitations and Packaging from:


To find out more about what we can do for you, please contact us:

Mobile: 9230088873





Invitations by Frescoes  

Address: Alipore, Kolkata (Calcutta)

BY APPOINTMENT: For wedding invitation card design, Frescoes recommends booking an appointment with us, to prepare for you accordingly so you may enjoy the full Frescoes experience.


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