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Trees: The Silent Preachers

December 23, 2011

What if the  Trees started speaking?

There would be too much chaos!

my tree at dusk

Image by joiseyshowaa via Flickr

We’ve all met here on the SPEAKING TREE. This is a voice for all the seekers out there.
Sometimes I wonder if we need to speak at all about our spiritual being. Aren’t we told time and again that the only spiritual advancement we can make is by being silent and looking inwards. No one has ever attained anything of value by being connected with the outside world. Yet we are all here spending our precious HUMAN TIME, as I call it, discussing subjects we think are relevant to us. We seek the answers, hence we are called seekers.
What actually are we seeking?
Are we asking the right questions?
Are we getting any enlightened here?
Are other seekers only adding to our confusion?
Do we have a right to imprint on an innocent mind, the confused theories we believe in that might be totally wrong or presented in a manner most incomprehensible?

We are silent when we are penning our blogs. But are we?

I am not silent as I am speaking at this moment to you to convey my idea of spirituality.
Silence is within.
While I write this I am losing my spiritual time.

But I am not.

I am seeking followers here. To what purpose? To assure myself I am spiritually better off than most seekers here or just give an energy boost to my ego?

I need to learn from a TREE.

  • A tree is rooted to the ground. It feels no need to move, even in search of food.
  • A tree reaches upward. It uses the earth itself to defy its gravity.
  • A tree remains silent. Even the vagaries of weather are borne without fuss.

This is what I learn from this GURU, the tree.

I should live life to its fullest and each moment tell myself I am alive for a simple goal…to seek GOD. And in this quest I must absorb what is of value, not from the plethora of beliefs around me but BY BELIEVING IN ME. By being rooted within me. I must use my inner power to resist the pull of the material world. And most importantly, I must learn to remain silent under all circumstances to gain that power. I must try to seek the answers within. I have to make my own spiritual food. I just need some sunshine…..GRACE OF GOD to meet God.

What if one day a tree starts speaking and hearing and learns from somebody to say NO?

THANK GOD! Trees don’t speak.

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  1. December 23, 2011 5:38 PM

    Thank you for linking to our Essence of Wild blog

  2. December 23, 2011 6:35 PM

    thank you for the link up 🙂 i like this post. and its content. In my eyes, we all have a path to walk, and they are different from one and others. no one is on the same scale of anything metaphysically speaking. Many needs to read others’ views to gain an opinion on different matters. this post gave me an opinion. thanks. – MTFYT.

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