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Cheers to 2012!

December 31, 2011

2012 bids goodbye to 2011 

Welcome new year 2012 greetings card

As the year 2011 comes to an end, all I wanna say is

Love and best wishes for a very happy new year.

thank you ..

thank you for everything.

for all those who came, all those who left and those who chose to stay ..

thank you for the lessons, thank you for the experience.

thank you for making me understand that life is what I shall make of it.

thank you for helping me understand myself a little bit more.

thank you for making me realize that I have the courage to achieve what I wish.

thank you ..

please accept my apology

I am sorry,

I am sorry if I have hurt your feelings, intentionally or by accident.

I’m sorry if my presence in your life caused you any sort of pain or trouble,

I am sorry for everything ..

and last but not least,

I know, the new year shall be good, for me and everyone around, that’s the belief I will carry in my heart when I brace the new year,

I know there shall be a lot of changes in life, in people, in everything and all I’m gonna ask for is ..

Sometimes I forget to remember how blessed and fortunate I am

Dear God, bless me with enough strenght to carry myself through the changes and adapt well, hopefully, with it.

I wish all of you


May it be an amazing year ahead for all of you, filled with happiness, good luck and lots of love. 

Celebrating the new year with fireworks

2012 just looks weird. Not sure if I’ll get used to writing it. 2011 looks so much better.


HELLO 2012!

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