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A letter to your future husband

March 12, 2012

To the Love of my life,

What took you so damn long? Whenever I look up at the full moon, as I did tonight, I wonder where you lay. I wonder what’s on your mind. Are you pondering the same things at the exact same time? Do you wonder what I look like, and pretend to smell my scent? Can you almost hear my laughter? Do you dream of how I feel?

I always wonder if I’ve passed you by a hundred thousands times on the T, on the freeway, in the market, in the skies. Perhaps we’ve even met in each others’ dreams. Maybe even as children we played together on the swings. You were that boy who pushed me when I most needed those wings.

All I know is I don’t know you, at least not in the obvious way. But know one thing: I have your heart… yesterday, tomorrow and everyday . .

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  1. March 12, 2012 2:51 AM

    I’m sure on this one you speak for a lot of women.

    Jamie Dedes

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