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How to order your invitation cards

March 29, 2012

The Card in making

The FRESCOES process

I thought it might be of some interest to know what actually goes on from start to finish when you order your wedding invitations from Frescoes.

  1. The initial consultation – If it is a Kolkata based client, this usually invloves making an appointment time to come and see our range and to discuss the wedding details. For outstation families, this step is done via e-mail/phone calls. We display all our invitations and allow the family some time to have a look and get a feel for our work. Then we try to narrow down the selection by asking the right questions. We need to establish colour preferences, embellishment likes/dislikes, size of invitation, type of processes to be used like foil-stamping, screen-printing or laser-cutting etc. Couples are welcome to mix and match between all our designs and if need be, we will design something unique for them. We will also discuss if any accessories such as program cards, money envelopes, tent cards etc. will be needed.
  2. Packaging, Chocolates or Dry-fruits – As an exclusive couture service the gift box matching the selected wedding invitation is also discussed and designed accordingly. If the LFW Luxury Frescoes Wedding Package is chosen, the premium gourmet chocolates from Fre’  or the finest quality almonds, cardamoms etc. are sent for selection.
  3. The quote We will prepare and inform the quote to the client. Payment of a fixed% deposit means acceptance of the quote and the wedding is scheduled on our calendar.
  4. The timeline – In order to  ensure that there is no last minute rush, we create a timeline for every Frescoes family. This has a list of delivery dates and what information is needed at the time of approvals like invitation matter details.
  5. Stock – As soon as the deposit is paid, we order the stock needed from the relevant supppliers and once it has arrived we prepare it for when the time comes to assemble the invitations and/ or packaging.
  6. Soft Copy –  A layout is done of each item ordered and sent for approval via e-mail or print, from the client. Changes are made as required until the client gives the go ahead.
  7. Printing and assembly – All items are printed, cut and scored and then the embellishment takes place.
  8. Collection – As each component of the wedding package ordered is ready, the client will receive an intimation requesting the next payment instalment and a pick up time. If need be, delivery is organised.

The time frame from start to finish will depend on how many invitations are ordered and the date required. Generally speaking, the invitations are ready 6 weeks after the initial consultation with other stationery accessories completed in various stages leading up to the wedding.

What are you thinking?

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