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Facebook etiquette for a Bride

April 25, 2012

The courtship period is an exciting fairy-tale time and the Bride finds herslf magically transformed. If you are actively involved in planning your wedding with your family and parents, you get to know why an Indian Hindu Wedding is called the Big-fat-Indian-Wedding!

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Magical transformation

Facebook finds a surge of updates as and when a couple gets engaged. Here are some things that should NOT to be done by a Frescoes Bride-to-be on the social networks to maintain her respect and elegant style.

Wedding Planning updates

Documenting your engagement is exciting. But posting wedding updates as Facebook statuses daily in multiples attract annoyance from your Facebook friends.

Start a blog if you want to fill in pages and pages of the DIARY OF A BRIDE_TO_BE. Here you may post the colour of your Bridal Lehnga or the choice of flowers for the mehndi party to your heart’s content and if you are regular and innovative enough you may have a winning blog.

Classified Information for guests
Facebook is the easiest and quickest means of communicating a mass message. Invitations ready! Please RSVP by the following date! Programme Schedule for the wedding day!

These reminders can upset the feelings of the Facebook friends who expected wedding invites but didn’t get any. And those who don’t bother would prefer if you would rather not post information meant only for the invited guests. You may use the new Facebook features of Lists to classify and make a new list called Invited Guests.

Countdowns to your Wedding Day
Wake up to the reality! No one cares– except your closest friends and family about how many days are left before the wedding celebrations can set off. And bust with the preparations, the daily countdown may even make your mother hyper!

A few panic posts will do no harm but save yourself from being blocked and refrain from by-the-minute countdown to the date of the marriage. Now you can share updates with specific people instead of everyone you know. Star your close friends to share just with them.

Complaints About Wedding Costs
Avoid sharing details of the expenditure on your wedding trousseau, invitation cards and venue online. Remarks like “My Bridal jewellery is all diamonds” or “Sabyasachi Mukherjee creates magic with my wardrobe” may make some people feel bad about their less fortunate circumstances or some may find you obnoxious for talking about money. Or more likely, both. It’s not something to be depressed about if you feel the event planning costs are high and share your exceeding budget entries in despair.

Keep the surprise element intact and share only the interesting anecdotes of your journey.

Though doing any of the above offences will not harm your friendship but just empathize with your Facebook friends. Don’t you hate it when they post multiple updates on their child’s school admission ordeals in an Indian Metropolis or intimate details of their marital relationship? Everything in moderation.

Can you think of something else not to be posted on Facebook by a bride? Share with the smart Brides of FRESCOES.


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