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When the Packaging Becomes Part of the Product

July 21, 2012

Sell Offer: Fancy Gift Boxes at Wholesale Prices

If you are in the business of sweets, chocolates, brownies or dryfruits and looking for an affordable yet attractive box packaging solutions for your Food items or gifts, this Kolkata Designer/ Manufacturer is THE SOURCE FOR CREATIVE PACKAGING.

Navayug Creations specialises in gourmet gift boxes to suit any corporate or personal gift giving occasion. Choose from mouth-watering chocolate only boxes, decorative dry-fruit/ sweets trays, or try our hamper style options which will delight even the most discerning of connoisseurs. Beautifully styled with embossing and printing in paper, cardboard or wood, these gift boxes are a pleasure to give or receive.


NAVAYUG FANCY BOXES: Ready Packaging Solutions for shopkeepers of sweets, chocolates and dryfruits for Diwali, weddings and all festivals

When the packaging is part of the product

Gift Boxes, pouches, cases, trays and platters

Traditional, Modern, Classic, Trendy, Elegant, Vintage, Unique

Imported high-gsm papers, fancy boards, handmade papers, cardboard, wood, acrylic, leather, fancy leather, silk, velvet fabrics, brocade, embellishments and laser-cut motifs.

The Gift boxes are suitable for WEDDINGS, Engagement, Birth Ceremonies, Diwali, New Year, Corporate Gifting, Festivals and other functions.

We work with you to customise our beautiful boxes with your branding, logo and messages.

Manufactured in Kolkata, India, the boxes are stiff and durable to be shipped all over India.

Best PAPERS and Cardboard is used with latest printing technology and skilled labour of West Bengal.

Resellers, Sweet shops, Dry-Fruits Vendors, Home-made Chocolate stores, Corporate Houses, Wedding Planners

Affordable and Wholesale Factory Rates.

For large quantity orders, design, colors and papers can be customized to suit your requirement.


NAvayug FAncy Gift Boxes Kolkata

Colourful, elegant and unique Creative solutions to Gourmet Gifts.

Let your customers spoil clients, family and friends with a gift packed in NC Packaging.

Navayug Creations wholesales its top-quality, unique custom-made designs to Chocolate Boutiques, Sweet Shops, Corporate Houses and Wedding Event Planners.

Pocket-friendly attractive concept for packing your gift in! Traditional, modern or contemporary boxes, trays, platters, pouches, bags for packaging that most suits your budget as well as your social status. It only spells CLASS and have a recall value. Try the innovative Navayug Creations designs to outshine all the stacks of gifts that Diwali brings.

In a world where everybody is trying to think outside of the box, Navayug allows you to put in something in a creative extraordinary box—and give away as the perfect gift.

To make an inquiry or to place an order, please email on or call 09230088873

On email, please make sure you mention:
1) The purpose for box
2) Box size specifications
3) Your theme (color of box, decoration used)
4) Quantity of order
5) Date/time of pickup

Place your order min. 2 weeks ahead and for large orders (300+ pieces) min. 3 weeks.

If required, we can package ‘goodies’ like brownies, chocolates or dry-fruits on your request with extra charges.



Navayug Creations: Paper Box Packaging for Diwali gifts, chocolates, Brownies and dry-fruit
8/1, Lal Bazar, Bikaner Buildings, 3rd floor, Kolkata-700001
033-40053156, 09230088873



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