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Design Specific Custom Indian Wedding Invitation Card

July 30, 2012



I have a specific design in mind. Can you create a custom wedding invitation card for me? 

We’d be more than happy to create the perfect card for you. A photo, motif, pattern, wordings, personalized wedding logo or custom colours can be incorporated. Contact us and we’ll work with you to develop a custom design. Customization fee does apply. 

Here’s an example of how we take inspiration from an auspicious ceremony-horse miniature painting for a Rajasthani/ Marwari wedding invitation card design.

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Ghodi (Horse) painting for the Traditional Wedding Card of India Represents the unique Hindu culture in any marriage with the bridegroom riding a female horse in Baraat to reach the Bride’s home or wedding venue. 

Horses in Vedic language symbolize the senses (indriyas) in the body. A female horse is much more ‘Chanchal’ than the male one and symbolizes the childish behavior of the person.

Riding over the female horse means controlling the senses and leaving behind childish behavior as one is now entering into a new phase of life full of responsibility. The ceremony involves riding the female horse and tightening of the reins.


Find creative Indian Wedding cards and Hindu Wedding Cards. As colorful as your imagination. Our Traditional Hindu Wedding cards are available in heart-warming patterns, colours, motifs and designs.


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