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The Big Fat Indian Diwali

September 8, 2012

Decorative Packaging Boxes for Gifting Chocolates, Sweets or DryFruits on Diwali


If you are in the business of sweets, chocolates, brownies or dryfruits and looking for affordable yet attractive box packaging solutions for your Food items or gifts, chances of disappointment at not finding a manufacturer who DESIGNS the boxes are high.


Packaging is a basic requirement as places are needed to put things in.
The general reasons we all know….
Keep the items safe from external damage.
Ease of transportation.
Categorize variety of products in an organized way.
Advertise the brand name.

What goes unsaid and thus is mostly forgotten or ignored is
And that it is all about LOOKING GOOD.

There is an etiquette involved in choosing or presenting the gift. No matter how beneficial or delicious the product inside the PACKAGE may be, unless a consumer not only decides to pick it up but is TEMPTED to pick it up again and again, that product will never get bought for being GIFTED. A buyer should forget about being afraid the gift isn’t “perfect.” If one thinks the people receiving the gift will like it, one will not think again. Spending more than you should takes the fun out of gift giving. There’s nothing more stressful than overspending—and feeling uneasy about it. Let your customers not feel this way as they come to you with a BUDGET.

The packaging has to really sell the product today.


Work in packaging design, and you know it is a tough area. There is so much to consider when designing a Gift Package – name branding, colors, package shapes, colors, design, stackability, storage costs, then the consumer awareness, branding, cost factor, competition. Is it marketable? What is going to protect the manufacturer from spoiling the food items?
A lot of clients want to stick to something bland and safe so consumers don’t form too much of an opinion on whether they liked the product based on the packaging or whether the product is highly priced due to some attractive box design that spells class. So a good packaging design for a food-product demands appreciation and credit to the seller or Chef for being a bit daring and unconventional. A little consideration for the eye of the person GIVING and RECEIVING the GIFT is welcome.


BIG COMPANIES sell their products in especially designed Creative Packaging which is all gorgeous, clean, edgy, good QUALITY and EXPENSIVE. One thing a lot of them have in common is that they say ‘PICK ME UP’ or in some way engage the customer by virtually talking to them, beyond the effort to catch the eye.

The packages are trying to engage the consumer in such a way that they’re inspired to buy the product.


If you want control over the merchandising, the actual packaging of the product is a big factor. The only way to exercise control on that level is to have your own Signature Packaging by a manufacturer who is not just any local box-maker but someone who has Design Sensibility too. DESIGN takes a back seat as soon as the word WHOLESALE is added to the Paper and Cardboard Packaging.

All you get after days of hunting is the DABBA WALLA bringing up a cheap-looking box with no effort ever being put into it in whatsoever way. And a GIFT means an EFFORT… AN EFFORT TO PLEASE. The loving effort required to design and produce a hand-made Gift Box for keeping those sweet-tooth cravings is MISSING. All you see in the Indian Market is gaudy stuff in the name of TRADITION made up of the cheapest available papers and raw materials by the most unskilled labour. Buying from the by-lanes of wholesale paper market of a city is the only option left.

Everyone loves receiving a present – so why not help to make your cusomers’ Loved-ones or co-workers or Business Associates feel truly special and show them how serious you are about the celebrations? They will notice that their Gift is not-to-be-missed. And when your box is pretty enough to be saved, to use as photo storage, jewellery box, vanity case, you have given your cutsomers’ gift-recipient a nice memento – something they will keep and use for years to come.


The Indian Weddings are a big business world-over. Not many people realize the huge market of Diwali -Gifting in India. It is MAJOR. The people catering to this market mainly are either big chocolate companies or retailers or the wholesalers of the local Indian Market. These local stockists and suppliers have their finger on the pulse of the market and provide an endless supply of sweets and dryfruits along with the gifts items that usually accompany these gourmet products. Now, there are home-made Chocolate Boutiques and shops that cater to the modern sensibilities of the Indian consumer. Thus, the supply of Chocolates in exotic flavours, Brownies, Cupcakes and other confectionery has forayed into the Diwali Gift market.

All these people require packaging for their items and few themselves stock for the festive rush. Again, paper gift packaging is a huge market and there are any number of manufacturers out there. Cheap, affordable huge quantities with no control on design and quality is their mantra. They are all good for the low-budget gift market. What about the premium high-end Diwali Gift Shoppers who are well-traveled and aware of the international standards in chocolate packaging. Ready to pay, they are disappointed because they do not know where to get the value for their money.

Good Quality High-end Gift packaging is in the hands of few who make Boxes, platters and trays with high quality and graphic designing. And most of them are unable to supply in bulk when the demand comes. Thus the shortage of such fancy boxes increases the prices. The consumer suffers with untimely delivery or cancelled orders. Need for high-end Bulk packaging is greatly felt.


The Indian Catering Industry and Chocolatiers are looking for Gift packaging alternatives and cooking all sorts of food varieties in order to give their customers what they want, in the way they want it, with the best dryfruits, sweets or chocolates quality and price combinations. BUT THEY ARE STILL LOOKING!!

Every problem has a gift for you in its hands.
And the Solution is

Navayug Creations: Gift Packaging for Diwali. Chocolate-Boxes and dry-fruit Boxes
8/1, Lal Bazar, Bikaner Buildings, 3rd floor, Kolkata-700001

Indian traditional chocolate diwali sweets box designs. handmade fancy wedding boxes

Golden Foil-embossed Chocolate-Box Design: Made in India


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