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Indian Wedding Invitation Cards with Coordinated boxes for Sweets

October 18, 2012

Boxed Designs, Wedding Celebrations, Chocolate & Treats and some Love.

Aside from its premium quality, innovative designs and excellent presentation, Frescoes possesses the edge of being the ultimate Destination for Coordinated Sets of Wedding Invites, Chocolate or Dry-fruit Gifts in Frescoes exquisite boxes that come into their own tasteful style to take the traditional Indian Wedding Gift of Sweets to a whole new level of elegance.

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Frescoes creates concept of personalized couture invitations and stationery with matching accompaniments to the marriage invitation cards including boxes of traditional Indian sweets, dry fruits, money stuffed envelopes, and some gift items.
Elegant, sophisticated, luxurious wedding Invitation Cards for the ultimate elite Couture wedding. A complete and a well organized package that stores the Wedding Invitation Card and the Gourmet Gifts neatly.
FRESCOES is a graphic design studio creating bespoke and one-of-a-kind wedding invitation stationery for the most discerning Indian couples.

The Ultimate Luxury Box!

To provide a suave experience to your guests every time, Frescoes created a wide range of themes varying from traditional Lotus Wedding cards to Peacock Invitations, Radha-Krishna Patrikas, Royalty, Palaces, Floral Designs etc. Frescoes Boxes come in fancy leathers, cardboard, paper and wood.

In line with the concept of Gifting, Frescoes proposes decorative Boxes filled with a variety of unique chocolates, cookies, brownies and dry-fruits (almonds).

Discover layers of Invites, gourmet delights and wedding gifts beautifully aligned in one harmonious box. Immaculately displayed in unique gift boxes, every Indian Marriage Invitation Card by Frescoes stand out on its own.

Unveil the simplicity of a Wedding Invitation with the exclusive pairing of our  delectable Chocolates placed in sophisticated gift box .



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