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Plan Your Wedding The Indian Celebrity Style!

October 24, 2012

Do you follow celebrity gossip?

Sometimes a just-engaged boy or girl get sucked in when they hear about new celebrity engagements. Just imagining how celebs will go with their weddings delights their fans and followers, not to say the media and gossip columns: will they be big and extravagant affairs with an A-list guest list, or an intimate ceremony with close friends and family? What would their Wedding Invitation Card look like, would it be simple white and gold as the Saifeena’s or more elaborate one like the Shilpa Shetty’s? What would the bride wear for Sangeet, Manish Malhotra or Sabyasachi Mukherjee? What colours will their couture designers choose for their wedding attire..the lehenga and the sherwani?

Here are some notes to follow on how celebrity couples plan their big wedding day!

Celebrity style wedding is a dream for any Indian to-be -bride. It is one type of wedding that is sure to wow your elite guests. It is not that a celebrity wedding needs to be expensive. It is now possible to conduct a celebrity style wedding within your budget with little expense and also enjoy the appreciation and thrill that comes along with it. Creativity and a great deal of research is all you need to enjoy the happiness of a celebrity wedding.


It’s really not about impressing your guests, but making them feel welcome and comfortable.



If you think of celebrity wedding, the abundance of REAL exotic flower arrangements and petals that adorns the wedding venue gives it the dream-like visual effect.

Celebrities prefer to use flowers like rose that are in general very expensive. Use creativity and replace roses  with other flowers that adds similar colour and effect to the wedding without burning a hole in your budget pocket. Sweet smell and neutral shades of white local Mogras will lift up the wedding mood and let the guests feel the warmth they tend to create around. Make sure that you adorn the wedding venue with a lot of flowers that goes well with the background of the venue.

More from FRESCOES on the Indian wedding flowers  The Earth laughs in Flowers

The next most important thing is the wedding invitation that is the face of the Indian wedding celebrations. Make sure that you have the wedding cards printed in the latest celebrity style. Get the invitation card printed in the wedding theme to make it an instant hit.

For letting your guests know that your wedding is a formal do, write out the date and time of your wedding. Casual weddings use numbers.

Saturday, the eighth of June Two thousand thirteen
at five o’clock in the evening

Incorporate incredible techniques like laser cut or foil stamping for that extra luxe design element. It’s all about personalization. Select a less expensive printing method so you don’t have to sacrifice a great design. request your Wedding Invitation Card and stationery Design Studio to  get the same beautiful design done in flat printing instead of foil stamped or laser-cut printing to save a lot of money. Go for a small yet personal golden or die-cut wedding logo to add glamour in true celeb style.

More from Frescoes Foil Stamping for Wedding Invitation Cards

Adding a contemporary yet vintage effect to the wedding and the invite is a great idea. The Royal Indian theme never goes out-of-vogue and works well with the bling lehengas and jewellery that Indian Weddings are definitely going to have. The 2013 trend calls for a mint-green and pastel colour palette and birds like parrots and pigeons, apart from the favourite peacock as the design choice.

More from Frescoes Design Specific Custom Indian Wedding Invitation Card

Next important thing is the wedding favours that will be given along with the wedding invitation.  Research and hunt for an exclusive and stunning gift that has the touch of the celebrity wedding to it. Wedding gifts of  confectionery, chocolate and sachets filled with sugared almonds or cardamoms and saffron are some of the best possible gift that you can provide to your near and dear ones.

More from Frescoes Indian Wedding Invitation Cards with Coordinated boxes for Sweets

Plan a destination wedding. Book some small and reasonable resorts to the guests. Property grounds and venues that are mainly aimed to support the wedding celebration come well equipped and give the best results and effects. One needs to pay attention to the food and music of the wedding as well. Make sure that it also goes down well with the wedding themes.

In line with the concept of Gifting, Frescoes proposes designer decorative Boxes filled with a variety of unique chocolates, cookies, brownies and dry-fruits (almonds) along with the exclusive couture Indian Wedding Invitation Card.


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Invitation Card for an Indian Wedding theme

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