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September 28, 2013


Elegant & quality chocolate box packaging by FRESCOES with a touch of the exotic look naturally.

Presentation grade packaging for your gourmet products.

Chocolate Box Packaging from Stock

NAVAYUG is India’s premier chocolate box and confectionery packaging manufacturer and wholesaler. We supply one of India’s widest selections of stock chocolate boxes and confectionery packaging.

Box Packaging for Chocolates Available Once you have chosen the chocolates that you wish to produce you will need to then choose some suitable packaging for your chocolates. We have a selection of materials to choose from to perfect the look you want to achieve for the packaging for chocolates in India. Our chocolate box packaging includes empty plastic inner trays in golden color. The chocolate box packaging that you ultimately choose will give the finishing touch to the overall look of the chocolates so make your choice wisely. Certain colours complement each other better than others. Accessories in our chocolate packaging offering such as pretty ribbons will help to set your chocolates with a unique look.

FOOD PACKAGING: If you’re looking for new ideas to set your business apart from your competitors, Frescoes can answer your retail packaging needs! We have unique packaging at competitive wholesale prices that will help you build your brand and save money with our volume and quantity discounts. We have everything you need from window-boxes, golden cavity, gift boxes, to wholesale chocolate boxes, gable boxes and folding boxes. Browse our huge selection today!

Use for your retail store, bakery,  restaurant or general gift giving needs. You are sure to find what you need with Navayug Fancy Specialty Boxes!

Diwali Special Gift Boxes Packaging designs by manufacturer stockist “what is visible, sells” Packaging can become a major difference in the product being selected by consumer. Let a professional service take care of your product’s packaging and watch a more sustainable packaging lead your way to more sales.  With increased market saturation and a plethora of products, packaging is here to stay for time immemorial. However, one must never forget that it is only one workman amongst the crew that ultimately builds the ship. It delivers a promise but that isn’t enough, is it? At the end of the day you’re selling a product. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that if packaging delivers something, the product delivers more!

Luxury Chocolate Boxes
Be creative when showcasing your yummy delights! Chocolate boxes are in high demand so here at FRESCOES, we have designed and released a number of different sizes to suit your needs. Available in various colours with clear plastic windows so your customers can see the delicious hand-made chocolates inside. Perfect for presentation purposes/ gifts/ hampers/ gift-food/ boxes-of-chocolates


FRESCOES has specially designed paper and cardboard box packaging for Corporates and Individuals. Dress your Durga Puja, Diwali and New Year gifts in a Frescoes box.

FRESCOES knows chocolate packaging very well – both in terms of stock products and bespoke manufacturing – and this has helped us to develop both packaging and a supply system that offer unparalleled quality, price and short lead-times.

Contact to view our range of products at 09230088873.

Navayug’s reputation is based on quality and ability to supply items from stock within one working day of order. This has helped many customers to grow without needing to carry high levels of stock.


We offer a core range and add innovative and colourful designs to compliment the traditional. We also offer packaging designed specifically for the key seasonal peaks within confectionery: Diwali, New Year.

We have some of the hottest styles of Diwali Gift Boxes to warm you up this Holiday Season!  Featuring almost any possible color combination of holiday packaging you are sure to find what you need.  Many of our designs are offered in small quantity packs and full wholesale cases.

Presentation grade packaging for your gourmet products.

Chocolates have always been the prominent gifting items. We are one of the leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of innovative and exotic Chocolate Boxes that lure the hearts away. Our Chocolate Boxes are very attractive in look and are made from high quality paper sheets and other accessories. Our Chocolate Boxes can be availed at economic prices. We also manufacture customized Chocolate Boxes as per the requirements of the customers.


  • Innovative designs and shapes
  • Affordable
  • Timely delivery of goods


Everyone Loves the Chocolate! But not only must have a high flavour, the appearance of a chocolate product should be supported by the design of the packaging. Chocolate Packaging can provide unique value to the product. Consumers would be interested to it as can be seen from the high quality packaging. Furthermore, the size, shape and even chocolate products can be easily distinguished.

This year, we have brought a beautiful collection of some well-designed chocolate packaging for your inspiration. So, get the style that truly meets your fancy and requirement.

NAVAYUG is India's premier chocolate box and confectionery packaging manufacturer and wholesaler. We supply one of India's widest selections of stock chocolate boxes and confectionery packaging.

Chocolate Box Dryfruit Box Mithai Box Cake Box Manufacturer

Gift and Gourmet Boxes in beautiful designs and color combinations. Great for gifts, cookies & candy.  

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