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CHOCOLATE BOX PACKAGING » Luxury Chocolate Boxes : Packaging for Diwali Gifts chocolates Dry fruit Mithai

Diwali Special Gift Boxes Packaging designs by manufacturer stockist “what is visible, sells” Packaging can become a major difference in the product being selected by consumer. Let a professional service take care of your product’s packaging and watch a more sustainable packaging lead your way to more sales. With increased market saturation and a plethora of products, packaging is here to stay for time immemorial. However, one must never forget that it is only one workman amongst the crew that ultimately builds the ship. It delivers a promise but that isn’t enough, is it? At the end of the day you’re selling a product. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that if packaging delivers something, the product delivers more!

Luxury Chocolate Boxes
Be creative when showcasing your yummy delights! Chocolate boxes are in high demand so here at FRESCOES, we have designed and released a number of different sizes to suit your needs. Available in various colours with clear plastic windows so your customers can see the delicious hand-made chocolates inside. Perfect for presentation purposes/ gifts/ hampers/ gift-food/ boxes-of-chocolates


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Decorative Trays

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Chocolate Trays Dry Fruit Boxes
Designer Dry Fruit Trays

Dryfruit Boxes

Chocolate Boxes

Gold Foil printed Chocolate Boxes Designer Chocolate Boxes
Screen-printed Chocolate Box Decorative Chocolate Boxes
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Kotler, aptly defines packaging as “all the activities of designing and producing the container for a product.”
Packaging is the silent voice of a product Presentation is an essential part of business and can become the difference between making money and going bankrupt. Consumers are becoming vigilant and want to be wooed by the aesthetic appeal of products. Performance alone will not lead to positive results in terms of marketing and sales. What do businesses do when looking to boost their sales and put their product into the upper echelon of their niche? The answer lies in new packaging. Products can become reinvigorated with the right packaging that is aimed to please the target market.

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