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Branded packaging by Frescoes, Kolkata, India for luxury products

November 13, 2016
Brand Design...Simplicity is Creative and Creativity Can be Simple Custom packaging doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to source and it certainly doesn't have to be complicated. Our aim is simple: We want to work with you to produce beautiful packaging and to make this as straight-forward and enjoyable as possible. Our packaging design process is also simple: By stripping everything back we connect you with the design process and the result is a much more creative collaboration. Once you explain the project and what you're aiming to achieve, we present clear material choices based on a huge range of speciality boards held on site, or by recommending other materials which would work well. We take into consideration the printing or finishing processes to ensure you get the results you want whilst balancing cost and lead-time based on our extensive experience. You don’t need to have a knowledge of technical jargon as we simplify the process and make it accessible for all. That's why our customers include so many start-ups alongside India's prestigious retailers and artisan manufacturers.

It’s all about the detail!
Are you looking for bespoke packaging solutions?
We can help you design and develop beautiful new products to enhance your brand, manufactured in our dedicated paper box factory.

Ranging from gourmet food, tea, shirts and apparel, sarees, leather wallets, cosmetics, beauty products, soap, dinnerware and crockery, silverware and candles to special festive gift boxes for your brand.

Contact us for more details or a quotation at 09230088873

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