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Our catalogue showcases the latest designs of Wedding Invitation Cards and Gift Boxes from the Pret range Fre’ Label Collection.

Wedding Invitation Card Designs and Gift Packaging Boxes


FRESCOES stationery boutique features unique and varied paper goods by passionate designers with inspiration drawn from around the world. The stylish, hand-printed or digital offset printed creations at this cheeky studio combine high-end materials such as satin and combed silk with vintage-y reproductions of century-old art, wallpaper patterns, nostalgic hand-illustrated drawings and other motifs. Customization options are available, and the company will provide a free proof before sending your invites to press.

Wedding invitations are not just a way to convey the details of timing and venue of the Wedding related functions but also provide the first impression of the couple together for the first time. Gone are the days when people used to use simple paper envelopes with god motifs on them and just post them. With today’s generation which is style conscious even invitations have become a fashionable attribute.  The basic card remains the same, no matter what religion wedding it may be most of the cards have the same format which bears the name of the couples along with the parents of the respective Bride and Groom. It carries images of their god, symbols or holy texts that are considered auspicious. What is different is the manner in which it is presented. Nowadays many new concepts and ideas have come in the market which provide a wide variety of options to the couple.

An Invitation to experience Design


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