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           The Hindu marriage signifies the union of two souls, destined by divine interference. In fact, the bride and the groom are tied in a wedlock through all the holy vedic rituals and mantra chanting as if they were Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu incarnate. In an Indian Hindu wedding even the  simplest of things as an invitation to friends and relatives can find a religious meaning. Foremost, it is offered to Lord Ganesha and the Kul Devata or the god or goddess who the ancestral family of the bride or the bridegroom deem auspicious.
  • Kumkum Patrika or Peeli chitthi, the first announcement by informal correspondence. It is usually a letter sent out to immediate family members. As soon as the date of the wedding is set after much deliberation by the purohit or panditji or even Guruji, who is a respected Brahmin, the revered senior relatives are informed and their confirmation for arrival dates requested. As the name suggests it is yellow and red in colour to symbolize the haldi and roli (kumkum) that are auspicious to every Hindu bride and denote bridehood. Earlier usually this sufficed, but now a formal wedding invitation card follows. These lagna patrika or lagan patrikas sound pretty familiar to the ‘Save the Date’ cards and  ‘RSVP’ cards, don’t they?
  • Invitation Card, the formal wedding invites announcing the date, time and venue of scores of rituals and ceremonies that are to begin days before the wedding day. Just to name a few: Byah haath, haldaath, bhaat, mehendi, tilak, godh, sangeet, ghudchadi, korath, and a lot more with each having a beautiful meaning. The wedding ceremony is yet to be. These cards go along with some sweets that is being replaced by chocolates, dry fruits or even ice cream these days. The invites are the first glimpse of the social status of the family. Bedecked with all the holy symbols of ganesh, kalash,  sathiya or swastika, it sets the mood for the forthcoming party or shall I say parties, right upto the Reception.

We are manufacturers and suppliers of traditional, modern and contemporary Wedding stationery suite located in Kolkata, India. Custom designed as per your requirement, the Wedding Invitations along with the accessories like envelopes, gift boxes, chocolates, dry fruits, money holders, trays, ginni box and more will give a first impession to your guests of the wedding to follow.


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