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FOOD PACKAGING: If you’re looking for new ideas to set your business apart from your competitors, Frescoes can answer your retail packaging needs! We have unique packaging at competitive wholesale prices that will help you build your brand and save money with our volume and quantity discounts. We have everything you need from window-boxes, golden cavity, gift boxes, to wholesale chocolate boxes, gable boxes and folding boxes. Browse our huge selection today!
Counted among the leading Packaging Boxes Manufacturers and Suppliers, we provide these boxes in different types including Sweets Boxes, Dry Fruits Boxes and Chocolate Boxes, and Festival Sweet Boxes. Packaging Boxes offered by our company are fabricated from top quality card boards, papers, fabric, wood and fragile sheets. World-wide delivery: Mumbai, Surat, Pune, Indore, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Jamshedpur, Lucknow, Nagpur, Kolkata in India Packaging Boxes for Diwali Gifting of Chocolates, DryFruits, Sweets, cakes, confectionery

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Invitations by Frescoes  

Wedding Shopping at Luxury Indian Brand: FRESCOES

September 18, 2012

Innovative Wedding Invitations


Fresceos wedding invitation card couture studio sale indian boutique

Innovative Invitations for Indian Weddings


Wedding invitations that evoke a bygone Indian era while exuding a modern flair. These works of art blend love, style and celebration.

FRESCOES is a full service custom invitation design company focusing on luxury correspondence. In today’s age of electronic media and mass production, we at FRESCOES believe in bringing back the lost art of personal correspondence. We feel that the most precious events of your life should be announced with the most precious materials and ought to reflect the emotional significance of your celebration. After all, this is one of the most important days of your life. Our use of genuine processes, imported card-stock, and hand embroidery will make your Frescoes invitation a work of art in itself.



wedding invitation card LFW Winter 2012 fashion Card show indian designers manufacturers

Colourful & trendy Indian Wedding Decoration theme Ideas


Our goal is to put the romance back in corresponding. Invitations have emerged into more than simply an announcement of an event. Today’s sophisticated hosts look to their invitation to also express their individual style and reflect the importance of their milestone celebration. Invitations set the tone and build anticipation for the upcoming occasion. You don’t get a second chance at making a first impression. Your invitation is the first impression that guests have of your event. While conveying warmth and hospitality, your Frescoes Designs invitation becomes a gift in itself that leaves an indelible mark on the heart of every guest.

FRESCOES is an invitation design studio specializing in creating beautiful wedding invitation cards in IndiaDesigner Wedding Invitation Cards to Mumbai, Surat, Pune, Indore, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, in India and Dubai, Nepal, Dhaka, US, UK abroad


Contact for bespoke exclusive wedding invitation cards designed especially for you.


Kolkata, India


Indian Wedding Invitation Card Designer



Chocolate Boxes

September 10, 2012

Right Chocolate-Box packaging gives your chocolate the cutting edge it deserves. If you are looking for ideas for Diwali or Wedding Gifts, look no further. Discover the wide range of chocolate boxes at FRESCOES. Here we provide an endless range of chocolate packaging and there is a room for customization too.

manufacturer of chocolate boxes, chocolates, sweets boxes, platters, decorative dryfruit boxes

Chocolate Boxes


Decorative Boxes, Dry Fruit Packing Boxes, Sweet Packing Boxes, Saree Packing Boxes, asia, asian, india, indian, mumbai, maharashtra, industrial, industries, thane, pune, nashik, aurangabad, ratnagiri, nagpur, ahmednagar, akola, amravati, chandrapur, dhule, jalgaon, raigad, sangli, satara, belgaum, kolhapur, belgaon, ahmedabad, kolkata, surat, gujarat, indore, ranchi

…. we are recognized as one of the most promising Chocolates and Chocolate Gift Boxes Manufacturers and Suppliers in India.

We take the pleasure to introduce our newest collection of Chocolate Gift Boxes that is specially handcrafted by our talented team of designers. Our beautifully crafted Chocolate Gift Boxes are made from the best grade raw materials, in order to ensure better quality and excellent finishing. Widely known for their beautiful crafted designs, high quality and decorative appeal, the Chocolate Gift Boxes that we supply keeps the freshness of the chocolates intact. In addition to this, the beautiful aesthetics of our Chocolate Gift Boxes makes them the perfect choice for presenting chocolates to near and dear ones in an innovative manner.

Why Prefer Our Chocolate Gift Boxes?

  • Marvelous designing
  • Super fine finishing
  • Attractive appeal
  • Keeps the freshness of the chocolates intact

Our Chocolate Gift Boxes Are Available In

  • Wood
  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Fabric

Contact for designer chocolate boxes in India.

The Big Fat Indian Diwali

September 8, 2012

Decorative Packaging Boxes for Gifting Chocolates, Sweets or DryFruits on Diwali


If you are in the business of sweets, chocolates, brownies or dryfruits and looking for affordable yet attractive box packaging solutions for your Food items or gifts, chances of disappointment at not finding a manufacturer who DESIGNS the boxes are high.


Packaging is a basic requirement as places are needed to put things in.
The general reasons we all know….
Keep the items safe from external damage.
Ease of transportation.
Categorize variety of products in an organized way.
Advertise the brand name.

What goes unsaid and thus is mostly forgotten or ignored is
And that it is all about LOOKING GOOD.

There is an etiquette involved in choosing or presenting the gift. No matter how beneficial or delicious the product inside the PACKAGE may be, unless a consumer not only decides to pick it up but is TEMPTED to pick it up again and again, that product will never get bought for being GIFTED. A buyer should forget about being afraid the gift isn’t “perfect.” If one thinks the people receiving the gift will like it, one will not think again. Spending more than you should takes the fun out of gift giving. There’s nothing more stressful than overspending—and feeling uneasy about it. Let your customers not feel this way as they come to you with a BUDGET.

The packaging has to really sell the product today.


Work in packaging design, and you know it is a tough area. There is so much to consider when designing a Gift Package – name branding, colors, package shapes, colors, design, stackability, storage costs, then the consumer awareness, branding, cost factor, competition. Is it marketable? What is going to protect the manufacturer from spoiling the food items?
A lot of clients want to stick to something bland and safe so consumers don’t form too much of an opinion on whether they liked the product based on the packaging or whether the product is highly priced due to some attractive box design that spells class. So a good packaging design for a food-product demands appreciation and credit to the seller or Chef for being a bit daring and unconventional. A little consideration for the eye of the person GIVING and RECEIVING the GIFT is welcome.


BIG COMPANIES sell their products in especially designed Creative Packaging which is all gorgeous, clean, edgy, good QUALITY and EXPENSIVE. One thing a lot of them have in common is that they say ‘PICK ME UP’ or in some way engage the customer by virtually talking to them, beyond the effort to catch the eye.

The packages are trying to engage the consumer in such a way that they’re inspired to buy the product.


If you want control over the merchandising, the actual packaging of the product is a big factor. The only way to exercise control on that level is to have your own Signature Packaging by a manufacturer who is not just any local box-maker but someone who has Design Sensibility too. DESIGN takes a back seat as soon as the word WHOLESALE is added to the Paper and Cardboard Packaging.

All you get after days of hunting is the DABBA WALLA bringing up a cheap-looking box with no effort ever being put into it in whatsoever way. And a GIFT means an EFFORT… AN EFFORT TO PLEASE. The loving effort required to design and produce a hand-made Gift Box for keeping those sweet-tooth cravings is MISSING. All you see in the Indian Market is gaudy stuff in the name of TRADITION made up of the cheapest available papers and raw materials by the most unskilled labour. Buying from the by-lanes of wholesale paper market of a city is the only option left.

Everyone loves receiving a present – so why not help to make your cusomers’ Loved-ones or co-workers or Business Associates feel truly special and show them how serious you are about the celebrations? They will notice that their Gift is not-to-be-missed. And when your box is pretty enough to be saved, to use as photo storage, jewellery box, vanity case, you have given your cutsomers’ gift-recipient a nice memento – something they will keep and use for years to come.


The Indian Weddings are a big business world-over. Not many people realize the huge market of Diwali -Gifting in India. It is MAJOR. The people catering to this market mainly are either big chocolate companies or retailers or the wholesalers of the local Indian Market. These local stockists and suppliers have their finger on the pulse of the market and provide an endless supply of sweets and dryfruits along with the gifts items that usually accompany these gourmet products. Now, there are home-made Chocolate Boutiques and shops that cater to the modern sensibilities of the Indian consumer. Thus, the supply of Chocolates in exotic flavours, Brownies, Cupcakes and other confectionery has forayed into the Diwali Gift market.

All these people require packaging for their items and few themselves stock for the festive rush. Again, paper gift packaging is a huge market and there are any number of manufacturers out there. Cheap, affordable huge quantities with no control on design and quality is their mantra. They are all good for the low-budget gift market. What about the premium high-end Diwali Gift Shoppers who are well-traveled and aware of the international standards in chocolate packaging. Ready to pay, they are disappointed because they do not know where to get the value for their money.

Good Quality High-end Gift packaging is in the hands of few who make Boxes, platters and trays with high quality and graphic designing. And most of them are unable to supply in bulk when the demand comes. Thus the shortage of such fancy boxes increases the prices. The consumer suffers with untimely delivery or cancelled orders. Need for high-end Bulk packaging is greatly felt.


The Indian Catering Industry and Chocolatiers are looking for Gift packaging alternatives and cooking all sorts of food varieties in order to give their customers what they want, in the way they want it, with the best dryfruits, sweets or chocolates quality and price combinations. BUT THEY ARE STILL LOOKING!!

Every problem has a gift for you in its hands.
And the Solution is

Navayug Creations: Gift Packaging for Diwali. Chocolate-Boxes and dry-fruit Boxes
8/1, Lal Bazar, Bikaner Buildings, 3rd floor, Kolkata-700001

Indian traditional chocolate diwali sweets box designs. handmade fancy wedding boxes

Golden Foil-embossed Chocolate-Box Design: Made in India

Bon Vivant: A Fashion And Luxury Fair in Kolkata

September 6, 2012

Well, on this rainy day here in Kolkata today, the sunny side was this beautiful Invitation Card I received. For one the design was quite simple yet nice looking. Nothing grand…just an announcement. Secondly, SHOPPING…any given day!!!

Bon Vivant: A Fashion And Luxury Fair

Bon Vivant event Kolkata at Hyatt regency september 8 2012

The Front of the Card

Out of curiosity, looked up the meaning of :

bon vivant (French) [bɔ̃ vivɑ̃]

n pl bons vivants [bɔ̃ vivɑ̃]

a person who enjoys luxuries, esp good food and drink.
Frescoes Bride is definitely a bon vivant or else why would she choose the Couture Wedding Invitation Card for inviting the discerning guests for her marriage.
Hyatt Regency hotel Fashion Fair Kolkata

List of Indian Designers participating in the Fair

Bon Vivant: 8th September @ The Hyatt Regency Kolkata

 Sat Sep 08 2012 at 10:00 am

 Venue : Hyatt Regency Kolkata, Calcutta, India

 Created By : Bon Vivant

FRESCOES Wedding Invitation Cards Studio recommends this beautiful bridal lehenga to up that style quotient!!

For the list of Designers click the photo below and browse the Facebook album:

FAshion Designers List



FRESCOES is an invitation design studio specializing in creating beautiful invitation cards for the momentous occasions of everyday life.


Custom Wedding Invitation Cards

August 30, 2012

The only Source for Couture Wedding Invitation Cards in Kolkata

The thought of creating an invitation that’s one-of-a-kind makes your heart flutter! You’ve scoured the web and you’re full of ideas – you just need someone to help you translate them to paper.

Maybe there’s an invite you’ve seen that you like, but you need some tweaks and changes to make it what you love. Or maybe you haven’t seen anything that speaks to you. Either way we’ll start off asking a lot of questions, and then we’ll listen, listen, listen.

Next steps are to translate conversation to invitation, and tailored design proofs will soon be on their way. And from there we’re off!


Frescoes Couture fuses a detailed artistic process with intimate service to create original Wedding Invitations that perfectly capture your style, spirit, and expectation for luxury in every element.


  • SOPHISTICATED  Your Taste is bold yet refined. Your approach is always confident.
  • AVANT-GARDE  Push boundaries to reveal the unexpected. You are a style innovator.
  • GLAMOUROUS  The wedding is your style anthem. This is your defining  fashion moment.
  • CLASSIC  You are a timeless classic, reinvented. Honour the past and look to your future.
  • SENSUOUS  Your feminine style is unmistakably romantic. This is your time to blossom.







FRE’ Label Collection

Fast Invitations that are easy to order. Exclusive designs. Give us your wording and we’ll do the rest.


Express your personality with :


To find out more about what we can do for you, please contact us:

Mobile: 9230088873



Address: Alipore, Kolkata (Calcutta)

BY APPOINTMENT: For invitation design, Frescoes recommends booking an appointment with us, to prepare for you accordingly so you may enjoy the full Frescoes experience.

It's one of the most important days of your life. A day like no other. Share your excitement and set the tone for your event with a custom designed couture invitation suite from FRESCOES Invitation Studio. From luxurious handmade silk box invitations to elegant laser-cut or gold-embossed, each custom invitation we create is expertly designed to perfectly reflect your unique vision and style. From your complimentary initial consultation, to the mailing of your luxury invitations, our wedding stationery experts will work with you to ensure that each detail of your couture event stationery is meticulously attended to.

Innovative design and expertly crafted one-of-a-kind wedding event stationery including Invitation Cards.



Best of IIJW 2012

August 24, 2012
Birdichand Ghanshyamdas' new contemporary line 'Aranya' featured uncut and flat cut diamonds, coloured gems, South Sea and Basra pearls. Designs were influenced by animal and floral patterns and the collection was divided into four parts - earth, water, fire and wind.

Nature Calls: earth, water, fire and wind


Bridal Jewellery by

Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas



Launch of The Great Indian Wedding Book

August 24, 2012

The Great Indian Wedding Book

The Indian Wedding Gita or BIBLE!

The Great Indian Wedding Book for every bride.

Speaking at the launch, Atul Pandey (Publisher) says

The Great Indian Wedding Book aims to morph into a holy grail for soon to be brides. A never before concept, this book encapsulates the soul of this epic celebration. Poised between the timeless traditional and lure of luxury, the traditional Indian wedding has carved its own niche. The wedding experts from around the globe contribute their unique ideas to stitch a fairytale wedding. With its old worldly ornate look, The Great Indian Wedding Book offers an exhaustive guide to the readers, as they embark on the journey to weave a grand nuptial spectacle.”

Among other content, the list of contributors to the book include:

JJ VALAYA– couturier
• TARUN TAHILIANI- couturiers
• GAURI AND NAINIKA- couturiers
• GAURAV GUPTA- couturiers
• SUNEET VARMA- couturiers
• UMESH NAGAPPA- jewelry expert, of Ganjam
• RAJIV ARORA- jewelry expert, of Amrapali
• RAMESH NARANG- jewelry expert, of Hazoorilal
• ROOPA VOHRA-jewelry designer
• FARAH KHAN- jewelry designer
• SUDHIR KASLIWAL- jewelry expert, of Gem Palace
• PUNEET SIKAND- food expert
• VIKAS KHANNA- food expert
• ADITYA MOTWANE- wedding expert
RAVISH KAPOOR– invitation expert
• ROJA DOVE- perfume expert
• MONICA VAZIRALLI- luxury personal shopper

Invitation and Graphic Design Company: FRESCOES

August 20, 2012


Specializing in custom invitations, Frescoes Wedding Invitation Card Studio uses luxe handmade papers, which can be personalized with a selection of snazzy embellishments and trimmings (think gold foil engraving, laser-cut folios, embossed leather tags, etc.). For weddings, the style is classic, conservative, and very high-end.

Stunning and Dazzling! The most sought-after invitations for all occasions. All invitations are personally designed with superior craftsmanship and elegance to reflect each client’s individual style and to set the tone for their special event. You can design and create your own wedding invites from start to finish.

Made in India, Navayug Fancy box manufacturers and stockists in Kolkata takes care of Packaging for wedding Invitation cards, marriage mithai dabba/ tray decoration, paper products for diwali, shaadi edc

Handmade Paper Box

Not just WEDDDING INVITATION CARDS in Hindu traditional theme, lotus, marigold, peacock, Krishna, Ganesha also modern motifs like Damask, Borders, floral, hand painted, elephant, Goa-theme, Henna-inspired multi-colour invites. There are also monogrammed gourmet Packagingoptions along with Thank You notes, Program Cards, Minty Good Night Notes, luggage tagsavailable to complement your destination wedding invites.

Designing well-tailored invitations for couples who don’t want a traditional template, as well as offering many ready-made designs. Many of these designer custom invitations are packaged as ornately decorated individual boxes, with bright colors, bold patterns, and embellishments (their signature) for which traditional elements, foil stamps and imported materials are used. A set of 100 custom-printed invitations starts at Rs. 150.

Indian families and couples choose us for our modern-vintage stationery as we can execute such varied designs as an Arabian Radha-Krishna–style invite with a matte gold engraved border and one printed with an old-fashioned image of Maharajas and Maharanis of Rajasthan.

Frescoes graphic-design firm puts an emphasis on personal touches, whether it’s working with clients to create a custom motif for their event or hand-assembling the finished invitations. This studio pumps out fresh, modern designs with a nod to the classics. Adorable Indian culture-inspired invites and international folk-illustrated suites are just a few of the highlights. Also offers simple, classic designs (think floral-embossed invites, old-timey cursive, and the like), as well as more contemporary-feeling stationery.

Creating classic, traditional and creative designs, offering custom invitations, pocket folds, silk boxes and folios fit for an Indian color panorama, the wedding invitation card studio uses an endless-hue color library to create its invites and other paper products.

This stationery boutique features unique and varied paper goods by passionate designers with inspiration drawn from around the world. The stylish, hand-printed or digital offset printed creations at this cheeky studio combine high-end materials such as satin and combed silk with vintage-y reproductions of century-old art, wallpaper patterns, nostalgic hand-illustrated drawings and other motifs. Customization options are available, and the company will provide a free proof before sending your invites to press.

Specializing in all things paper, unique and affordable custom printed invitations, cards, correspondences and gifts; we focus on small details, artistic designs and unique out of the stationery box options for your most special occasions. All the latest designs plus our expertise. Gold Foil Stamping and LASER_CUTTING makes the traditional new again. A Kolkata City treasure!

FRESCOES is your source for…


  • Invitations for weddings, anniversaries, baby naming, Housewarming, Bachelor parties, anniversary parties, theme parties, baby or bridal showers…
  • Programs, menus, wedding logo, couple’s family monogram for special events…
  • All types of stationery for both social and corporate needs…
  • Business cards (embossing, stamping, engraving, letterpress)…
  • Gift Boxes (can be personalized),
  • Place cards, escort cards and envelopes,  save the date announcements, birth announcements, Personalized gifts of chocolates, brownies, dryfruits, sweets,
  • all kinds of printing production and design services, labels, personalized stationery gifts, personalized luggage tags, wine labels and bottle tags, personalized pads, personalized stickers and labels, thank you notes…

A leader in couture-invitation design, FRESCOES makes pieces that are detailed and luxurious; also known for PACKAGING and other stationery. Clients can work one-on-one with the design team to create a custom suite or choose a template from the tasteful FRE’ Label Collection.

Kolkata Wedding Cards Invitation cards are made in India by Frescoes Invitation studio

Designer Bridal Collection: LFW Couture Invitation Cards

Allow us to assemble the ideal paper trousseau.We’d be honored to be a part of your day.


(The owner will meet with clients by appointment to personalize their paper or card stock—the boutique store of FRESCOES carries a collection of embossed, laser engraved, silk-screen, and offset-printed wedding invitation stationery full of whimsical details and colorful patterns.)

August 16, 2012

Organize and share the details of your Big Day with free WordPress personal weddings site.

The Blog

At the beginning of 2012, we launched our wedding theme Forever and let you in on how you can use WordPress to document and share your wedding experience with your friends and family. Now we’re doing it again. Get the rose petals and bubbles ready, here come our two new wedding themes, Lovebirds and Ever After.

Lovebirds, a sweet theme with whimsical illustrations by our very own Caroline Moore, allows you to inform your guests about your journey and upcoming celebration — in style.


The lovely cursive font adds just the right amount of garnish to the clean layout, providing you with a beautiful, clear frame in which to tell your story. Where did you meet? How did the proposal occur? Who’s in the wedding party? Where will the wedding take place? Spare none of the details! Take the demo for a spin or learn more about Lovebirds

View original post 289 more words

Indian Wedding Card ads on OLX in 2012 by FRESCOES

August 5, 2012

My ads on OLX

Exclusive High-End Couture Wedding Invitation Cards

August 4, 2012









WEDDDING INVITATION CARDS in Hindu traditional theme, lotus, marigold, peacock, Krishna, Ganesha also modern motifs like Damask, Borders, floral, hand painted, elephant, Goa-theme, Henna-inspired multi-colour invites. There are also monogrammed gourmet Packagingoptions along with Thank You notes, Program Cards, Minty Good Night Notes, luggage tagsavailable to complement your destination wedding invites.

Let FRESCOES tell your story with a custom wedding invitation card.
Make an Appointment




Connecting with people, telling a story through a complete design system, and being able to work out what’s in your mind on the computer as well as on paper.


Frescoes believes in designing paper pieces that are a perfect extension of who you are. Through clever materials, thoughtful design & presentation, a little guidance and unexpected color, Frescoes is you on paper.








Reach us at

Thank You For your LOVE!

August 3, 2012
Wedding Invitation Cards India Blog

We love to be HIT

August 1st sees 300 hits on Invitations by Frescoes WordPress blog!! Thank you all!

God Promises

August 3, 2012

Bhagwan ki pratigyayein
” भगवान की प्रतिज्ञाएँ ”
मेरे मार्ग पर पैर रख कर तो देख ।
तेरे सब मार्ग न खोल दूँ तो कहना ॥
मेरे लिये खर्च करके तो देख ।
कुबेर के सब भंडार न खोल दूँ तो कहना ॥
मेरे लिये कड़वे वचन सुनकर तो देख ।
मेरी कृपा न बरसे तो कहना ॥
मेरी तरफ आ के तो देख ।
तेरा ध्यान न रखूँ तो कहना ॥
मेरी बात लोगों से करके तो देख ।
… तुझे गुणवान न बना दूँ तो कहना ॥
मेरे चरित्रों का मनन करके तो देख ।
ज्ञान के मोती तुझमें न भर दूँ तो कहना ॥
मुझे अपना मददगार बना करके तो देख ।
तुझे सबकी गुलामी से न छुड़ा दूँ तो कहना ॥
मेरे लिये आसूँ बहा करके तो देख ।
तेरे जीवन में आनन्द के सागर न बहा दूँ तो कहना ॥
मेरे लिये कुछ धन दे के तो देख ।
तुझे कुबेर न बना दूँ तो कहना ॥
मेरे मार्ग पर निकल करके तो देख ।
तुझे शान्ति का दूत न बना दूँ तो कहना ॥
स्वंय को न्यौछावर करके तो देख ।
तुझे मशहूर न कर दूँ तो कहना ॥मेरा कीर्तन करके तो देख।
जगत का विस्मरण न करा दूँ तो कहना ॥तू मेरा बन करके तो देख ।
हर एक को तेरा न बना दूँ तो कहना ॥

Not Just Wedding Invitation Cards

August 2, 2012
Wedding Invitation Card design by Frescoes Invitation Couture

FRESCOES is your source for…

Invitations for weddings, anniversaries, baby naming, Housewarming, Bachelor parties, anniversary parties, theme parties, baby or bridal showers… Programs, menus for special events… All types of stationery for both social and corporate needs… Business cards (embossing, stamping, engraving, letterpress)… Gift Boxes (can be personalized), place cards, escort cards and envelopes,  save the date announcements, birth announcements,  Personalized gifts of chocolates, brownies, dryfruits, sweets, all kinds of printing production and design services, labels, personalized stationery gifts, personalized luggage tags, wine labels and bottle tags, personalized pads, personalized stickers and labels, thank you notes…

Wedding Invitation Card design by Frescoes Invitation Couture

Lotus theme wedding invitation with four wordings inserts

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The Ultimate Cry of Happiness

July 31, 2012
Indian Hero Shammi Kapoor

Yahoo! Chahe koi mujhe junglee kahe!

Launching Pret Wedding Invitation Cards for Indian Market

July 31, 2012

Ready-to-Order Wedding Cards


Fast, Easy & Exclusive Invitations – Personalized and ready for you very quickly at great prices. Your invitations are designed and printed to fit your occasion – specify colors, graphics, fonts, paper, etc.  Order at FRESCOES.


Fast Invitations that are easy to order. Exclusive designs. Give us your wording and we’ll do the rest. Frescoes Studio will work with you until you are happy with your Marriage Card design. We will work with your choice of  wording, layout, graphics, and colors to make your invitations special and unique to you.


To save you time and money by providing awesome service on memorable high quality personalized Wedding Invitation Cards.

Indian Wedding Cards of high quality and Hindu Marriage Invitations. The right Indian wedding cards will set the tone of the wedding. Your wedding card is the first impression you make on the guests who will share your special day with you. The perfect beginning to your dream wedding is the perfect Indian wedding cards. If only it were so simple. A good wedding card should reflect the theme of your wedding. Besides, it should also reflect the personalities of you and your spouse. It should be able to tell your guests the information related to your wedding event.  You can make your wedding card unique by personalizing it.

Designer Wedding Cards Ready-to-Buy in Kolkata


Don’t see a design that you like? We take requests! Just ask and you’ll get the perfect Indian Wedding Invitation Card that is in your head.

Design Specific Custom Indian Wedding Invitation Card

July 30, 2012



I have a specific design in mind. Can you create a custom wedding invitation card for me? 

We’d be more than happy to create the perfect card for you. A photo, motif, pattern, wordings, personalized wedding logo or custom colours can be incorporated. Contact us and we’ll work with you to develop a custom design. Customization fee does apply. 

Here’s an example of how we take inspiration from an auspicious ceremony-horse miniature painting for a Rajasthani/ Marwari wedding invitation card design.

Frescoes bring you Indian Wedding invitation Cards, Designer Marriage  cards, Wedding Invitations, Indian Cards

Ghodi (Horse) painting for the Traditional Wedding Card of India Represents the unique Hindu culture in any marriage with the bridegroom riding a female horse in Baraat to reach the Bride’s home or wedding venue. 

Horses in Vedic language symbolize the senses (indriyas) in the body. A female horse is much more ‘Chanchal’ than the male one and symbolizes the childish behavior of the person.

Riding over the female horse means controlling the senses and leaving behind childish behavior as one is now entering into a new phase of life full of responsibility. The ceremony involves riding the female horse and tightening of the reins.


Find creative Indian Wedding cards and Hindu Wedding Cards. As colorful as your imagination. Our Traditional Hindu Wedding cards are available in heart-warming patterns, colours, motifs and designs.

Leaders and Trendsetters in Box Making in Eastern India

July 25, 2012

Sweets box in shimmer paper bright Red Foil

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When the Packaging Becomes Part of the Product

July 21, 2012

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Must-Have Jewellery for the Bridal Trousseau

July 18, 2012
indian bridal jewellery  bewitching diamond bracelets from the Aranya Collection are perfect for your trousseau or for an evening out on town

Bracelet for the nature lover bride

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Beauty needs no words

July 18, 2012

Gorgeous heavy bridal jewellery collection 2012 by Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers, Jaipur. Definitely a winner!

Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas

Jewelry has become a quintessential part of our everyday life not only because it enhances the outer beauty but it moreover reveals the woman’s inner beauty. Wearing jewelry is the most popular way to beautify oneself and necklaces are such kind of personal ornaments made from various kinds of gemstones including diamonds, silver, and gold.

Necklaces are the most beautiful way to accessorize your neck. Since the ancient civilization, wearing necklaces has been an ongoing tradition and is also considered to be the amulet for protection. With time, necklaces evolved from being used traditionally to being used more as a fashion accessory to be trendy and fashionable. Nowadays, you have the opportunity to choose from various kinds of necklaces it is an ornament with big pendants and decent pearl necklaces, lockets, chains.

Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers bring for you a marvelous collection of necklaces in all kinds of stones. Precious gems…

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The Body Shop Frauds Customers in India!

July 14, 2012

Or is it just India??

The Body Shop


Yes, it is a sale! Sale of business ethics upto 100%.

I report this as an end-consumer of the THE BODY SHOP products.

Beware of buying THE BODY SHOP products in sale! New labels are put on expired products with wrong manufacturing and expiry dates. Bought a body butter yesterday from South City Mall, Kolkata, India and later saw two stickers. Noticed there was something fishy when the package said that the shelf life was 12M and the sticker told another story. It mentioned both the date of manufacturing and expiry ..3 YEARS apart!@#$%$ . Even another product with a single sticker had these wrong dates. Certain action must be taken against this company for such fraudulent practices. Share this with your friends and let them know!

body shop commits fraud in indiaAll makeup and skincare products have this little symbol that tells you how long it will keep, with 3M, 6M, 12M, 18M etc. (M being months).

On more research I found that this is done on a regular basis in India.  On most of the products where this 12M symbol is there, the dates are at a gap of almost 3 years. If this symbol has suddenly changed its meaning internationally…I am not aware.

discounted products are expired and are tagged with fresh dates.

Fraudulent practice in India

The Body Shop has been brought to India by Quest Retail Pvt. Ltd. who are the master franchisees of The Body Shop in India. Quest Retail Pvt Ltd is part of the Planet Retail Group who are well known retailers in India for beauty, lifestyle and fashion brands.

“We are also committed to carrying out the strong social and environmental beliefs of The Body Shop in our daily work,” said Arun Bhardwaj, Managing Director, Quest Retail Pvt Ltd.


Planet Retail Holdings Pvt. Ltd., a retail marketing organization, retails apparel and accessories for men, women, and children in India. It also offers health and beauty products, handbags, jewellery, footwear, stationary, lingerie products, homeware, gifts, and other fashion accessories. The company operates various formats, such as shop-in-shops, exclusive brand outlets, and department stores. Planet Retail Holdings Pvt. Ltd. was formerly known as Planet Sports Pvt. Ltd. The company was founded in 1999 and is based in Mumbai, India. Planet Retail Holdings Pvt. Ltd. is a former subsidiary of Pantaloon Retail (India) Ltd.

As for now onward, me and my friends will stay away from this company!


“If business comes with no moral sympathy, or honourable code of behaviour, God help us all.” — Anita Roddick


So this is what THE BODY SHOP UK calls Ethical  Trade and defending Human Rights!

End of the world

July 10, 2012

Aan milo aan milo Shyaam saanware

July 10, 2012


Song-aan milo aan milo Shyaam saanware (Devdas) (1955) Geeta Dutt, Manna Dey, Lyrics-Sahir Ludhuanvi, MD-S D Burman


aan milo aan milo Shyaam saanware
aan milo
aan milo aan milo Shyaam saanware,
Brij mein akeli Raadhe khoyi-khoyi phire
o Raadhe khoyi-khoyi phire
o Kaanhaa aan milo
aan milo aan milo Shyaam saanware
aan milo

Brindaavan ki galiyan mein tum bin jiyaraa naa laage
jiyaraa naa laage
nis din tumhi baat nihaare vyaakul nainaa abhaage
o vyaakul naina abhaage
ab hi aisi dashaa hai man ki kyaa huyi hai phir aage re
Brij mein akeli Raadhe khoyi-khoyi phire
o Raadhe khoyi-khoyi phire
o Kaanhaa aan milo
aan milo aan milo Shyaam saanware
aan milo

ajhun jo na bheje Mohan taine koyi khabariyaa
o o
o ajhun jo na bheje Mohan taine koyi khabariyaa
taine koyi khabariyaa
ho jaihen ye Brij ki baalaa ro-ro kar baawariyaa
ro-ro kar baawariyaa
dheer bandha jaa
dheer bandha jaa
mukh dikhlaa jaa natnaagar saanwariyaa re
Brij mein akeli Raadhe khoyi-khoyi phire
o Raadhe khoyi-khoyi phire
o Kaanhaa aan milo aan milo Shaaym saanware
aan milo

Social Networking

July 3, 2012

Social Networking: The Future of the Present

Everything ages fast…

Frescoes suggests Wedding Invitation Cards with vintage look

Hindu Wedding Traditions Explained

June 29, 2012

The Hindu Wedding Ceremony

The Hindu Wedding ceremony is a long and elaborate ceremony, with every step rooted in Vedic tradition, signifying various aspects of life that is to follow after the wedding. The mandap-canopy or marriage stage is decorated with flowers and with a fire as witness, the Hindu wedding ceremony begins.

Bengali Wedding

Varaagman – The Groom’s Arrival

The groom arrives for the wedding with his family. They are all greeted by the bride’s family. The bride’s mother then performs a welcoming ritual and leads the groom to the Mandap.

Shri Ganeshaya hamah


Ganesh Pooja – Worshipping Lord Ganesh

The wedding ceremony begins by offering a prayer to Lord Ganesh. Lord Ganesh is worshipped, so he may remove all obstacles and bless the couple.

Kanya Aagman – The Bride’s Arrival

The bride is escorted down the aisle to the Mandap by her maternal uncles.
Upon arrival, the bride’s father takes her hand and leads her into the Mandap.

Antar Patt

The Antar Patt (veil) is placed in front of Groom, signifying the separate lives of Bride and Groom, which will soon end with their union.The couple are separated by the Antarpat (curtain), which is lowered once the Maharaj (Priest) invokes a prayer for the couple.

Kanya Daan & Hastamilap – Giving Away the Bride

In the Hindu religion, the Kanya Daan is considered the most magnificent offering a Bride’s parents make. The Kanya Daan symbolizes the Bride in the form of Goddess Laxmi and groom as Lord Narayana. Here, the bride’s family displays the act of giving her to the groom and his family.

Jaimala – Exchanging of Garlands

At this time, the couple exchange fresh flower garlands, signifying the acceptance of one another and to pledge their respect for one another as partners in life.

Mangalpheras – Circling of the Holy Fire

During the Mangalpheras, the couple circles the holy fire four times with
their wedding scarves tied together. The bride’s brothers are also called in to participate in the ceremony. The four circles symbolize the four basic human goals of Dharma, Artha, Karma and Moksha.

Dharma – Religeon and Ethics
Artha – Wealth and Prosperity
Karma – Love, Fertility and Family
Moksha – Spiritual Liberation and Salvation

Saptapadi – Seven Steps

The bride and groom take seven steps together representing the vows and promises they are making to each other.

The first step to provide a nourishing and pure diet for our household and
avoid the things which are harmful to our healthy living.

The second step to develop physical, mental and spiritual powers.

The third step with the aim of increasing our wealth by righteous
means and proper use.

The fourth step to acquire knowledge, happiness and harmony by
mutual love and trust.

The fifth step to be blessed with strong and virtuous children.

The sixth step for accomplishing self-restraint and longevity.

The seventh step with the vow that we shall always be true to each other,
work together for prosperity and happiness and remain lifelong partners.

Kansar Bhakshan – First Meal Together

The bride’s mother brings the couple sweets (Kansar). Kansar Bhakshan is the couple’s first meal together. The couple offer Kansar to one another to
symbolize their union. Kansar is a sweet made from crushed wheat, sugar and ghee.

Mangal Sutra, Sindoor & Ring Exchange

The Mangal Sutra is a sacred necklace made from black beads that the groom ties around the bride’s neck. This symbolizes their marriage. The groom then applies Sindoor in the center parting of the bride’s hair as a promise to fulfill her every wish. Lastly, the couple exchange wedding rings.

Akhand Saubhagyavati – Blessings

Married women from the couple’s family come and bless the bride by whispering “Akhand Saubhagyavati”, in the bride’s ear, which means “Good luck, prosperity, and a long, happy life.”

Ashirvaad – First Blessing as Husband and Wife

The Wedding ceremony has now concluded and the Maharaj, along with parents and elders of the couple’s families offer them blessings for a long and happy married life. The couple bend down to touch the feet of the Maharaj and their family elders as a form of worship known in the Hindu ceremony.

Vidai – Farewell to the Bride

The Vidai is one of the most emotional parts of the ceremony. Now that the couple are married, she bids farewell to her family. She throws a fistful of rice behind her shoulder wishing her childhood home happiness and security.

Marwari Wedding

Vivaha Sanskara

A traditional Hindu Wedding (Vivaha) is comprised of a series of religious ceremonies and rituals. Vivaha is one of the 16 sacraments (Sanskar) of Hindu life. It is meant to unite two persons so firmly that, although they retain two separate bodies, they become one in spirit. Vivaha is the sacred, spiritual partnership between two individuals in mind, body, spirit, and soul in this and their future lives.

No man or woman is so whole or fully rounded as to not need the other for completeness. Manu, The Great Sage and Lawmaker, gives expression of this idea:

Many of the rituals in the Hindu Wedding ceremony stem from the The Vedas, the oldest of Hindu Scriptures, and are chanted in Sanskrit. The ceremony takes place in the Mandap, a wedding pavilion (canopy built of four poles to represent the universe). Each of the five elements – fire, water, air, earth, and space – are represented within the Mandap. Agni (the Holy fire) exists as a divine witness to this sacred union and symbolizes the illumination of knowledge and happiness. Agni’s smoke, coupled with the recitation of Mantras, is believed to convey the message to God for a blessing of the spiritual union.

Baraat Swagat and Dwar Puja (Welcoming the Groom)

Groom arrives with his family and friends (Baraat procession) and is warmly greeted by Bride’s family and friends. Bride’s mother,  welcomes Groom and asks him if he is prepared to make the commitment of marriage to her daughter. She places kumkum (red vermilion powder), signifying good luck, on Groom’s forehead and he is then asked to break the sampat (earthen pot) filled with ghee (melted butter) and cottonseeds. The pot represents the world; the contents within symbolize the different experiences the couple will encounter in their life-journey together. Groom is then escorted to the mandap where he awaits Bride’s arrival.
Ganesh Puja and Var Pujan
At the mandap, the ceremony commences with a prayer to Lord Ganesh, who is the remover of obstacles and provider of good luck. He is also the symbol of peace, truth, friendship, brotherhood, and happiness. Groom, his parents,  and the rest of his family are invited to participate in the prayer. Groom’s feet are cleansed with milk and water to purify him for a new life ahead.

Kanya Aagman

This is the time to welcome the Kanya (bride) to the mandap. Bride’s maternal uncles (Mamas), escort her to the mandap. While the priest recites verses to bless Groom and Bride, the Antar Patt is removed, signifying commencement of their lives as unified souls.


Special prayers, Mangalashtaka, are recited at this time to wish the couple happiness, prosperity, and a peaceful marriage.

Exchanging the Garlands

Bride and Groom proclaim their mutual, love, respect, and acceptance of each other by bestowing a garland of fresh flowers on each other. The sweet scent of fresh flowers symbolizes happiness of married life.


Kanayadaan, giving away the bride, is a very sacred step in the wedding ceremony to be performed byBride’s parents. They summon the presence of God and give her hand in marriage to Groom. At this juncture, varmala – a loop of cotton thread wound 24 times signifying different characteristics and virtues of human life – is put around the shoulders of the bride and the groom, symbolizing the sacred union of the couple. The varmala does not contain a single knot to signify that there shall be no break in the union; it binds the two together to fulfill each other’s role sincerely.


Hastamelap, a physical joining of Bride’s and Groom’s right palms, constitutes a very important aspect of the wedding ceremony. While chanting slokas (holy verses), the priest places sacred betel nut in Groom’s right palm, then places Bride’s right palm on top of Groom’s right palm, and finally covers the palms with a red cloth. The priest proclaims that the union has the approval of the families, and is conducted in the presence of family, friends and the community.

Vivaha Havan

The wedding ceremony continues in the mandap around the Holy fire, Agni, an eternal witness to the marriage. Agni, lighted by the priest, is a symbol of purity and signifies the presence of God at the ceremony. All commitments made in the presence of Agni are thus made in the presence of God.


With Agni as a witness, the couple performs Mangalphera (walking around Agni) four times, which solidifies their marriage and makes them husband and wife. The four rounds symbolize their journey of life along the four paths of life:

1. Dharma (Obligations and Duty)
Duty to each other, family, and society
2. Aartha (Wealth and Prosperity)
Earning honorably and supporting each other
3. Karma (Deeds) Unconditional love
4. Moksha (Enlightenment)
Eternally uniting with God through prayers and meditation.

At the onset of each round, Bride’s brother fills the couple’s palms with rice, oats, and green leaves, signifying great health and bountiful wealth, prosperity and happiness. The grains are offered to the fire as a sign of giving up worldly possessions in order to receive rewarding blessings. Groom leads the first three rounds and Bride leads the fourth round. After the final round, both will step on a stone and offer a prayer for their mutual love to be firm and steadfast like the stone. The priest asks the couple to sit down and whoever sits first is believed to rule the household.


Bride and Groom perform the Saptapadi (seven sacred steps) near the fire representing the seven vows and promises they make to each other:

1. Together we shall nourish each other, avoid what is harmful to healthy living, and cherish each other in sickness and in health.
2. Together we shall develop physical, mental, and spiritual powers to attain peace, happiness, and spirituality.
3. Together we shall aim to increase our wealth by righteous means, prosper and share worldly goods, and conquer all obstacles that we may encounter.
4. Together we shall acquire knowledge, courage, strength, happiness, and live in harmony with mutual love and respect.
5. Together we shall be blessed with strong and virtuous children and share responsibilities of home and children.
6. Together we shall always be true to each other, work together for prosperity and happiness, and cherish this world.
7. Together we shall strive for longevity and remain life-long partners forever.

Mangalsutra, Sindoor, Ring Exchange

Groom adorns Bride with a Mangalsutra, a necklace of gold and black beads, reflecting eternal respect and love for her. He then places sindoor (red vermilion powder) along the parting of Bride’s hair. The red color symbolizes the dawn’s redness as this is the first day of their journey together as Husband and Wife. Both Mangalsutra and sindoor constitute traditional signs of a married woman. Also, Groom and Bride exchange wedding rings as a symbol of eternal love for each other. 

Solah Shringar

Saubhagyawati Bhava

Kansaar Feeding

Bride’s mother provides Kansaar (Indian sweets) for the newly weds. Bride feeds Groom four times signifying that it is her duty to feed him and their family. Likewise, Groom feeds Bride four times indicating that he will fulfill his duty as a husband to provide for her and their family.

Akhanda Shobhagyawati

Married women from both sides bless the newly wed couple for eternal married life (akhanda), health, wealth, prosperity, happiness, peace, and children.


A Chunri (sari or gharcholu) is draped on Bride’s head by elder members of Groom’s family. The groom’s brother-in-law and sister, shower the new bride with blessings and welcome her into her new family.

Chanted by the priest in Sanskrit verse, the prayers that compose the Hindu wedding ceremony are derived from Vedic scriptures that are over four thousand years old.

 Barat (Groom’s Parade)

The groom arrives on a decorated horse accompanied by his family and friends in the form of a parade.

 Milni (Greeting the Party)

The bride’s family receives the groom and his family.  It is very typical for each relative to embrace his counterpart – grooms and bride’s fathers, maternal uncles (mamas) and paternal uncles (chachas) –  in the other family at least 3 times each.

 Var Puja (The Welcoming of the Groom)

Accompanied by his family and his attendants, the groom arrives at the site of the ceremony, and is greeted by the bride’s parents.  The mother of the bride welcomes the groom with an aarti, or prayer, and welcomes him to the ceremony.  After receiving the blessings of his elders, the groom is escorted by the parents of the bride to the Mandap  accompanied by his parents and groomsmen.

 Ganesh Puja (Worship of Lord Ganesh)

To commence the Hindu wedding ceremony, a prayer is offered to Lord Ganesha, the elephant God, whose blessings will remove any major obstacles from the ceremony and from the couple’s new life together.  Ganesha is the Lord of all circumstances; therefore no Hindu ritual or auspicious occasion is ever undertaken without Him.  Jasmine garlands and the Mangalsutra (sacred wedding necklace) are placed at Ganesha’s feet to invoke his blessings.  His grace will overcome all obstacles, destroy all evils, and enable the ceremony to proceed with tranquility.

Kanya Daan (Giving Away Their Daughter)

The bride’s father joins the hands of his daughter and the groom, declaring to all gathered that he hands her to the care of the man of her heart.  The bride’s father seeks a pledge from the groom of his enduring love, fidelity, and security in caring for the bride.  Once the groom has agreed, the bride and groom both pledge to support each other in fulfilling the four goals of human life:  Dharma, the duty to lead a moral life; Artha, the duty to lead a joyous and fruitful life; Karma, the duty to lead a pleasant and productive life; Moksha, the duty to attain enlightenment.

Gath Bandhan & Phere (Circling the Fire)

The bride and the groom are joined together by tying a corner of their outer garments, symbolizing the bond of marriage.  After this a small open fire is lit in the center and the fire God is invited to witness the marriage.  Fire, a purifying agent, is also a source of energy.  Only fire can separate this bond of unity between bride and groom.  The couple walks around the sacred fire seven times, making it a witness of their union as husband and wife.

Saptapadi (Taking Seven Steps)

Saptapadi is translated in Sanskrit to mean “seven steps”.  These steps are representative of the marriage vows.  The priest then guides the bride and groom  to take seven steps hand in hand around the sacred fire.  The number seven refers to the earth, sun, moon, and the four planets visible to the naked eye all locked together in harmonious interrelationships governed by a single law.  The Saptapadi is the most important ritual of the wedding ceremony.

 The Priest recites the following hymms detailing their vows:
With God as a guide, let us take,
·  The first step to provide nourishment and pure food for our houehold,
·  The second step to develop our physical, mental and spiritual powers,
·  The third step to increase our wealth by righteous means and diligence
·  The fourth step to acquire knowledge, happiness and harmony by mutual love and trust,
·  The fifth step to be blessed with strong, virtuous and heroic children,
·  The sixth step to have self restraint and longetivity,
·  The seventh step to become true companions and remain lifelong partners by this wedlock.

Having taken these steps together, I assure you that I will not swerve from the path of my love and friendship with you.  Let our thoughts, decisions, and actions be one and in unison.  Let us be kind, loving, considerate, good and open-hearted to each other.  Let us share our food, possessions, strengths, and advantages together.  Let us be complementary to each other as thought and speech are to each other.  The sapta-padi ceremony concludes with a hymn signifying that the union is eternal.  The bride and groom are pronounced husband and wife.

 Mungalsutra & Sindoor Daan (Placing Red Powder on Bride’s Head and Necklace Around her Neck)

The groom now places sindhur, or red powder, on the crown of the bride’s forehead and welcomes her into his life.  The sindhur is indicative of a blood union, and it is the unmistakable mark of a married woman.  He then places a Mangalsutra (necklace) around her neck, symbolizing his enduring commitment to their marriage.

 Ashirvad (Prayer and Blessings)

Once the wedding rituals have been completed, the couple touches the feet of their parents and the priest, asking for their Aashirwaad, or blessings.

 Vidai (Departure of Bride and Groom)

Vidaai marks the departure of the bride from her parental house. She throws phulian or puffed rice over her head. She conveys her good wishes for her parents through this gesture. A beautifully decorated palanquin or car takes her to her new home.  The bride and groom leave as a married couple and receive blessings and shower of flower petals from all of their guests.

This is a compilation of different versions I found while searching for the sequence and meanings of the major rituals performed in a Hindu wedding ceremony. For a detailed customs and ritual chart click here.

Wedding Invitations Generate Excitement

June 26, 2012

At Frescoes, we design and create exclusive wedding invitations that generate excitement and set the tone for the entire event. From Save the date to program cards, your Signature Wedding Suite will be designed to express your personal style and the individuality of your celebration.

Indian wedding card designer in Calcutta

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Invitation Fashion

June 25, 2012

Need for a searching for a perfect invitation card that suits your style and budget has been projected beautifully at this blog. Alongside are different types of cards that are in vogue today.

An excerpt from the blog of shaadiinvite

Wedding Invitations – First Impressions !

Planning for your wedding? How you wish everything turns out to be perfect. You don’t want to leave anything for the last moment and pay attention to every little aspect. You put in so much of hard work and somewhere deep down inside want people to acknowledge your efforts and project the right image. For this one needs to make sure every communication made with outsiders is articulate and well structured in such a way that your first impression as a couple is very positive and strong on their minds.

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The Eternal Quest: Which way to go?

June 12, 2012
Alice in Wonderland Quote

nowhere particular to go!!


Alice: And how many hours a day did you do lessons?
The Mock Turtle: Ten hours the first day, nine the next, and so on.
Alice: What a curious plan!
The Gryphon: That’s the reason they’re called lessons, because they lessen from day to day.

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April 25, 2012
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